Gallery of Regrettable Food

Somewhat off topic: many, many years ago I stumbled across this site – a labor of love by a writer from the midwest. He’s a fellow with a number of curious interests, and one of them is collecting old cookbooks.

The result is the ‘Gallery of Regrettable Food‘ – a fond (and maybe not-so-fond) look back at some of the awful things Americans were encouraged to feed their families in the middle part of the last century.

It was a time of great contradictions, where Julia Child enlightened Americans to the complexities of French cooking – and yet, there were recipe books on how to cook with Dr. Pepper.

I encourage you to check out his site. Note that there are many more ‘subjects’ that he covers on the site – check out the entire Institute for Official Cheer, which covers the same time period – and proves that there was something deeply wrong and disturbing lurking in the human psyche in the middle of the last century.

Of course, we’ve moved on to other deeply wrong and disturbing things, but that’s another off-topic post for another day.

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