17 Days in Ketosis – Punching the Clock

A brief update. For the first time in ages, I’ve been in ketosis for almost three weeks. I don’t think I’ve had such a long, unbroken run since I lost my weight originally – 6 years ago.

Maybe – just maybe – this time might be the one that I peel off the extra pounds and get to my goal weight?

We’ll have to see.

The first question I have is ‘why now’? I’ve tried and failed so many times – why am I in the groove now? I personally think it’s not that I am doing anything all that different – it was just a combination of trying (and failing) every day, and finally finding that one day where it finally connects.

I think of it like a train that arrives at a station, but there’s no schedule. You get there and wait and wait.

It never comes.

But instead of being discouraged, you keep coming back – beyond the point where most sensible people would have given up – and eventually – eventually – the train comes.

Maybe the keys are patience, persistance – and forgiveness of one’s own weakness. I’m not an advocate of teeth-clenching ‘willpower’ – I just don’t think it sustainable for a lifetime. Humans just aren’t made that way – at least most of us. I’m no Superman.

As to weight, it’s trending lower, but slower now. I expected that – it’s OK – rapid weight loss is not healthy. If I’m eating good, then my weight should eventually come off. I’ve given myself the month of November to get below 200. It’s a realistic goal – and would be a welcome achievement just because I’d have a whole bunch of clothes that would fit again.

I feel OK, though maybe a little headachey. More energetic, mostly. Less heartburn. Little desire for sweets. Halloween came and went without a single piece of candy. In fact, I brought a whole bunch in to work and left it on my desk for coworkers – and didn’t have a piece.

Also avoided the pizza that got ordered last night. Had some of the wings and tuna salad instead.

This routine is pretty much what I’d call ‘punching the clock’ – there’s a daily routine, you show up, and go with it. Maybe a little boring, but ‘dramatic weight loss’ is not sustainable. The ketosis reduces hunger – and my craving for sweets. I have been eating a lot of the same thing  – which I have found – for me – helps.

I have found a correlation between these sorts of posts crowing about some success usually are followed by some backsliding – let’s see if that happens again.

6 thoughts on “17 Days in Ketosis – Punching the Clock

  1. LCC, I’m curious where your ketone levels are. Are they like trace, small, moderate, etc? Does it stay that way for most of the day? Mine seem to rise to moderate after digesting a high fat meal and later to trace. What types of foods do you eat?

    How is the nicotine gum working? Besides appetite suppression, are there any other side effects?

    They say that “practice makes perfect”. You’ll catch that train.

    1. Hi MCT,

      Ketone levels tend to be moderate, though I have taken the approach that the depth of color has more to do with the overall intake of liquids. I don’t tend to drink a lot of liquids before my testing, so it’s darker than when I chug down a liter of seltzer beforehand. I assume: you’re either in ketosis or not.

      As to eating, I have been living on a vegetable ‘stew’ of my own concoction that has about a 1/4 lb. of organic ground beef per serving along with eggplant, onions, tomatoes, peppers, squash – the ingredients vary, but the base is always eggplant. I have lots of cream in the huge amount of coffee I drink, and also enjoy butter. I also like cheese and lettuce, mayo and low carb bread. The low carb bread I try to keep under 2 slices a day. There’s other stuff, to be sure, but this is the majority.

      I also have an Atkins shake for breakfast with my vitamins, fiber therapy in the evening, and I might even have a piece of Lindt 70% chocolate – the lowest carb ‘non-diet-chocolate’ there is.

      As to the nicotine, I’d say it works for me at least 80% of the time – when used correctly. My problem is being stuck in the kitchen feeding somebody else and ‘grazing’ until I’ve seriously overeaten. If I eat a reasonable meal then take a lozenge, it seems to curb some very powerful urges to continue eating. A lozenge (not the gum) lasts me about 1.5-2 hrs. Side effects can be an upset stomach (if I take it on an empty stomach). It causes a tingling in the mouth, and taking too much can make one jittery in a manner somewhat similar to coffee. I usually take no more than 4 a day, which is way less than the maximum of 20 on the product label.


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