Where is Your Favorite Supplement on This Map?

This is an interesting data map of popular supplements, rating them in popularity based on Google hits, and evidence for their efficacy based on research – with an ability to select on condition and type (check out the right hand side of the chart).

This is a creation of Informationisbeautiful.net, a great site if you are a data wonk.

5 thoughts on “Where is Your Favorite Supplement on This Map?

  1. The question we should be asking ourselves is do we need supplements if we are eating a healthy, balanced diet?

  2. The lead article in the April 2010 Reader’s Digest is entitled The Vitamin Scam. In terms of a blanket recommendation, I more or less agree with the author’s conclusion: the only pill worth taking is Vitamin D.

    As for what constitutes a balanced diet, that depends on biochemical and physiological makeup. Achieving balance requires a literal interpretation of the idiom “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” The big quarrel over what constitutes healthy eating could be resolved if all parties would simply acknowledge the importance of eating what’s appropriate for one’s metabolism. http://academicearth.org/lectures/battle-of-the-diets

    The best book on this is “Biochemical Individuality” by Roger J. Williams, PhD. Another book worth reading is “Nutrition and Your Mind” by George Watson, PhD.

    It’s interesting that Dr. Watson prescribed macro and micro nutrient regimens according to how a patient’s metabolism was releasing energy. He successfully employed supplements therapeutically to heal metabolism’s warning that what helps one may harm another.

    In the end, we should be asking ourselves three questions. Is my diet appropriate? Is it adequate? Is it safe?

    Our modern food supply is neither adequate nor safe. Generally, there’s way too much omega-6 and fructose and not enough saturated fat. http://trusted.md/blog/vreni_gurd/2010/02/28/how_good_are_you_at_choosing_healthier_fats

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