Being Thin Won’t Make All Your Problems Go Away

I’m not trying to dash anyones hopes here, or downplay how good it feels, after being really fat, to be thin.

It feels great. It’s worth striving for – for so many reasons.

But it will not bestow endless happiness upon you.

I’m currently 60 lbs. down from my top weight and have been (more or less) 60 lbs. down for six years.

I continue to live low carb explicitly because I don’t want to gain that 60 lbs. back – in fact, I want to lose another 20 at least.

But I want to be honest with myself and realistic in my expectations. As this article from notes (and I experienced myself when I was at my thinnest), when you take being fat off the list of things that bother you, there’s yet another thing waiting in line to piss you off.

For most of us, it’s a long line. Continue reading “Being Thin Won’t Make All Your Problems Go Away”