Recipe: Low Carb Chocolate Almond Fingers

Inspired by someone who did something somewhat similar (whose link I promptly lost), I happened to have one of those ice trays that allows you to create long, thin ice cubes to fit in drink bottles – and came up with this:

1/2 jar of Trader Joe’s Almond butter
2-1/2 scoops of chocolate low carb protein powder

All I did was mix the 2 in a mixing bowl. You need to get your hands involved here – it’s like baking bread. Kneading this mixture leads to a dry but oily clay of sorts that can be rolled into cylinders that can then be squished into the ice-cube tray. I then use a knife to skim off the excess ‘dough’ and use the remains to make a few more of the fingers.

If this doesn’t sound all that appetizing, my daughter did try one and her only comment was it ‘wasn’t sweet enough’, though maybe she was being kind.

I like ’em, though – this is my second batch.

Next,  I freeze the things. The result is a somewhat dry and not-overly sweet bar of sorts that works for me as a substitute when people are eating cake, cookies, and ice cream all around you. Please note – these do NOT travel well outside a freezer – consider them a frozen treat, like ice cream. As they have little water and are mostly oil, they freeze much slower than an ice cube – give ’em a day, though they unfreeze quickly – in less than an hour at room temp, they’re back to where they began.

I did notice an odd thing: one of these bars really seemed to fill me up the other day, leaving me unbothered by hunger for hours.

Maybe a fluke – I know – I’ll have to experiment further on this.

I ended up with 10 of these ‘fingers’.

An approximate nutrition breakdown for this is:

Calories: 198 / Carbs: 5.5g / fiber: 4g / net carbs: 1.5g / total fat: 15.2g / sat fat: 1g / protein: 13g

If anyone has any suggestions for a low carb ingredient to ‘bulk up’ their size-to-calorie ratio, send me an email at – I’m open to suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Low Carb Chocolate Almond Fingers

  1. I NEVER would have thought of this, but it sounds delicious, and so much more natural than the pre-made low carb bars. My ice-“tube” tray has been collecting dust in my basement ever since I stopped using plastic water bottles, but I’m excited to dig it back out and try these.

    I’m not sure about the size to calorie ratio, but it seems like adding a little flaxseed meal wouldn’t screw these up much and might add some extra omega-3s. Also, coconut oil freezes really well in treats and might be tasty. Some finely shredded unsweetened coconut might work, too, and tastes great with almond butter. Lots of possibilities, here.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Adding erythritol and coconut oil makes them even yummier! Of course I use unflavored/unsweetened whey protein isolate, so mine aren’t chocolaty. The cooling effect of the erythritol is lovely with the almond butter!

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