A List of Low Carb Recipe Sites

“If I go on low carb, what the heck am I going to eat?”

It seem I hear that a lot – most people think it’s bacon, eggs, butter and steak.

The problem is that most people go on a low carb diet before they read up on it. They usually end up eating eggs and bacon until they’re about to puke at the thought of any more, then quit and say low carb doesn’t work.

It’s a little bit more varied than that.

I was reminded of just how lost most people feel when they start a low carb diet when I received a comment from someone looking for low carb recipe ideas.

It’s not the commenter’s fault – sometime when you are bold enough to try something new, you just don’t know where to begin.

So here’s a list of a half-dozen or so sites, as well as two authors, that will give you some ideas on what you can eat.

In no particular order:

Big Daddy D’s Low Carb Blog – This fellow has created a large number of creative recipes for himself and his wife and many recreate high-carb foods into low carb versions – which is a great way to ease yourself in to a new lifestyle.

The LowCarbist – A site that has not been updated in a while, it has pretty much nothing but a bunch of elegant recipes beautifully photographed.

Atkins.com – There are a lot of very nice recipes here – all free for the taking – and with precise nutrition info and carb counts. I don’t know why it seems that the Atkins site seems so overlooked in the low carb community as a resource – there’s lot’s of good stuff here, all for free.

Taming the Diabeastie – Another site that has not been updated in a while, but it is an enormous listing of low carb recipes collected from all over the Internet.

LowCarbCooking.orgAnother site that seems abandoned – but it claims to have close to 3,000 low carb recipes to peruse.

LowCarber.org’s Recipe Forums – This is where I went when I started low carb all those years ago. These are active forums where people post daily – and plenty of recipes can be found.

Low Carb Friends Recipe Forums – I never got into this forum – but it’s nothing against them. They get mentioned a lot in forum postings I saw over the years. Their recipe boards claim over 4,000 recipes.

I also wanted to mention a few authors:

Dana Carpender has written a few very good low carb recipe books. Being a busy guy, her book of 15-minute low carb recipes has given me a lot of meal ideas. She also posts a lot of recipes on her blog.

George Stella is a chef who lost a lot of weight on a low carb diet, and he puts his cooking skills to good use in creating some fantastic culinary masterpieces. I have two of his books. He also posts some of his recipes on his site, as do members of his forums.

I cringe to add my own pathetic attempts at conjuring up recipes, but I do have scores of them on this site. Some turned out quite good – others, not so good. I like a lot of them, and will visit this site myself for meal ideas. That was the original reason I started this blog – to keep my recipes online so I could get a quick meal idea in work then pick up the ingredients on the way home.

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