My 7th Anniversary on Low Carb

On the second Saturday of September 7 years ago, after breakfast with my wife, I went downtown to the corner drugstore and found a copy of the Atkins book. I came home, sat down in my favorite chair in the corner by the window, and the sunlight streamed in the window while I read.

7 years later I’m still down 40 lbs. from that day when I was 265. In that time I’ve read a lot, and learned a lot about low carb – as well as myself. I have also corresponded with a number of people on this blog, other blogs, and by email. I sometimes think these comments, from time to time, have been the most valuable in what I’ve learned from them.

To be honest: part of  the reason I keep writing is for your comments. Thank you, everyone that has written. Every comment – positive and negative – is carefully considered – and some set me in new directions.

Some readers might fault me for inconsistency, or perhaps non-linearity. Guilty. One commenter told me that I ‘was dancing around my problems’.

I considered that, and replied to her that to me it was more like I was dancing with my problems.

If you’re alive, you got problems. Maybe instead of running from them or fighting them, you should confront them with a smile and say ‘shall we dance?’ and get to know them better.

So after 7 years – what’s next?

I’ll leave you with a Zen story that sums up how I feel at present.

A Zen student begins training under a new Zen master and is brought to meet him. The Zen master invites the student to sit on a cushion across from him. The student sits, and wanting to impress the master of all that he knows, he begins telling him what he has learned of Zen from his previous masters.

The student goes on for some time and after a while, the master says: “Would you like some tea?”

The student says yes, and continues talking. The master pours the tea until the cup is full – and keeps pouring – the tea overflowing the cup and spilling on the floor. It takes a minute or two for the student to notice. When he does, he says: what are you doing?

“Your mind is like that cup. You cannot learn more if you are already full.”

See ya.

4 thoughts on “My 7th Anniversary on Low Carb

  1. Well, I like reading this blog because you have managed to maintain your weight loss (most of it). I always seem to lose weight and then gain it back.

    Keep it up!

  2. I read your blog because you’re one of the more thoughtful low-carb bloggers out there. Plus, you’re a damn good writer.

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