An Experiment in Making My Own Yogurt

It started when I tried to do what, on the surface, should be a simple thing.

Buy yogurt.

Call me fussy, but I didn’t want low-fat milk, sprinkles, sparkles, fruit on the bottom, chocolate-chip laden yogurt: I just wanted yogurt.

I went to what I thought would be my best source: the price-gouging faux ‘good-food’ store – Whole Foods.

I grudgingly shop there as they are the only source of a few things I can’t find anywhere else in the area, like a mayonnaise that is NOT made with soybean oil, but rather expeller-pressed canola. I don’t think either oil is necessarily great for you, but I think the expeller-pressed canola sucks less than the soybean oil. Continue reading “An Experiment in Making My Own Yogurt”

Losing Weight Without Self-Hatred

About 9 weeks ago, I consciously decided to ‘make peace with myself’ as my wife calls it. I ate what I wanted – including candy and whatnot. Nothing odd here – it’s just that I didn’t beat myself up over it. I bought some new clothes that actually fit me and took the stand that no matter what my size, I should never have to go through the day being uncomfortable in my clothes.

I gained about 10 pounds during this time – and that is OK. It’s OK because I think I needed to do this in order to gain weight without the self-hatred. To prove to myself that I can do it. Maybe I need to love myself at whatever weight – in order to lose weight.

What’s interesting is that this temporary abandonment of a diet has shown me a few things. Continue reading “Losing Weight Without Self-Hatred”

Low Carb Ricotta Dessert with Vanilla and Mint

For years I have used ricotta cheese as the basis for a low carb creamy dessert. Most of that time it was done artlessly – just throw some Splenda in a cup with ricotta and you’re done.

Tasty, but artless.

I’m trying to take foods to a higher level – my thinking is that I should be preparing food that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve to guests. Treat the ingredients better, bring more flavor – more joy – out of eating – don’t just fill the pie-hole. Continue reading “Low Carb Ricotta Dessert with Vanilla and Mint”