Gary Taubes Finally Gets Around to Writing a Book on Low Carb that People Can Read – And It’s AWESOME!

This was the book that I knew was inside of ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’.

‘Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It‘ was to the book to give to friends, doctors, congressmen, and anyone else who wants to understand the futility of our current nutritional advice.

Short and to-the-point, written in accessible style, this is the book I can give to people who find out I live low carb and look at me like I’m some sort of crackpot.

They’re the crackpots!

Low calorie diets, exercising for weight loss, calories in=calories out, and the sickening moral superiority of some of those leaner than thou, who think that our weight shows us as having some character defect – eviscerated. Clearly, obviously, succinctly, Gary shows us how scientific theories that explained obesity as a hormonal rather than moral issue was abandoned during World War II for simplistic theories based on thermodynamics that work in physics, but make no sense when used to describe the behavior of complex biological systems. These simplistic theories also put the onus on the patient’s behavior – ‘eat less and you’ll weigh less, you fat f**k!’ – and what has ensued is close to 50 years of collective suffering among the fat and obese in both their health and their standing in society that we can now begin to undo – by whacking this book upside the head of every ‘party-line’ nutritionist, moralizer, and dogmatic doctor.

Thank you, Gary Taubes.

3 thoughts on “Gary Taubes Finally Gets Around to Writing a Book on Low Carb that People Can Read – And It’s AWESOME!

  1. I just read it to and feel completely vindicated! I have been saying this for years to friends and family and been “poo pooed” to no end. I have already purchased books for 5 other people, gotta lead the revolution any way you can.

    I feel like I should be quoting Joseph Merrick in The Elephant Man,”I am not an animal! I am a human being!” Dont know why that seems appropriate but it does.

    1. I know what you mean. As I ate pizza today by using a fork to eat the toppings then throwing the crust away, I felt sort of ‘eccentric’. It is nice to have a book that explains clearly that there’s a reason for my madness…

      I think this book went through many revisions – Gary Taubes is way too deep into the subject to be able to talk to the casual reader anymore – not his fault – it’s just his revelations are so hard to grasp as they contradict 50 some-odd years of ‘research’ – and this book, unlike his previous work, tries to factor that in.

      He almost seems in some sentences to say: why am I restating this? It’s because he’s smarter than a lot of experts on this topic, because they live in silos of information that he can cross, combine, and see the bigger picture.

      His last book – Good Calories, Bad Calories – was not a book to give to your doc because they would never wade through it.

      With this one, they might.

      It’s not the content that differs – it’s the packaging.

  2. I felt like I had a relevation when I read this book. I’m now trying to read his earlier one but this book is much quicker to read. It should be the first book you read when wanting to make diet changes, the seconf book should be a good recipe book. I just feel we have all been taken in for so long and the ‘experts’ are usually so convincing without any evidence. This book ia literally lifechanging.

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