Losing Weight Fast Can Poison You

As if we fat folk don’t have enough problems already.

This isn’t exactly new news – I had heard this years ago – but it did make the news cycle, so I thought it worth a post.

From AOL News:

If you’re working hard to achieve your New Year’s resolution of losing weight, you may want to proceed with caution.

Researchers have discovered that chemicals and pollutants may be stored in our body fat, and when significant amounts of body fat are broken down, as they are during weight loss, these harmful substances could be released into the bloodstream and may cause disease.

Yep. A number of environmental toxins are fat-soluable and get bound up in that stubborn fat of yours. When you burn the fat, all that toxic gunk has to go somewhere. Surely a lot is excreted, but on the way to the exit, some may find a new home and the rest might cause some mischief on the way out.

The article recommends avoiding chemicals, eating organic, etc. But what if you’re already fat and you didn’t avoid chemicals?

Ugh. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Get over it.

Here’s the trick: lose the weight slowly. Don’t be in a God-awful rush. You are poisoned every day anyway by 1001 substances that you come in contact with – miracles of technology that have effects that we don’t even know about yet.

If you lose weight slowly, it will only add to your daily poisoning level to a smaller percentage. It is also useful advice to begin avoiding chemicals as much as possible.

Eating organic does help, if you can afford it. So does buying a water filter for your sink, and avoiding plastic food containers – especially microwaving food in plastic containers. And drinking water – at least filtered water that didn’t come in plastic bottles that sat in the sun and leached plastics into them – might help. You’d imagine that the excess water might flush it out. Can’t hurt – as long as the water itself isn’t a source of toxins.

2 thoughts on “Losing Weight Fast Can Poison You

  1. Keep It Simple Stupid – I’m saying this to myself because I start getting caught up in exactly how I’m supposed to exercise and which exact vitamins to take and what foods are best. And this is all good – except that it keeps me from just focusing on the facts that I need to move everyday and I need to eat as well as I possibly can, even if it’s not organic or what-have-you. It seems that being obese is as dangerous, or more dangerous, than the toxins you can’t do to much about.

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