Do You Know What Your Veggie Burgers are Made From…Really?

Let me start by mentioning that I don’t know if this is for real. I hope not.

The video above links to a story on a Japanese researcher who is perfecting a process of making artificial meat from human feces.

(Long pause here to let that sink in…OK…ready to go on?)

While there’s a lot one can say about this, my point might be a bit different that most of the commenters out there.

As someone who tries to avoid processed food as much as is possible, this adds to my reasoning why.

You never really know what you’re eating.

There is a long and rich history of food adulteration going back centuries. I have a wonderfully disgusting book on the subject named ‘Swindled!’ that I should review here (but haven”t because I’m lazy).

The one big takeaway from the book is this: the longer the chain that the food needs to travel to get to your table, the more likely it has been adulterated along the way.

The point being – even if you know that you would never order a burger made from the above process – how do you know some didn’t slip in?

Let’s score another one for eating natural foods, being a locavore, and knowing the farmer that feeds you.

4 thoughts on “Do You Know What Your Veggie Burgers are Made From…Really?

  1. That was cool. I would point out, however, the this bacteria-based protein product is not exactly veggie material. Countless microscopic critters were sacrificed to produce only one artificial burger. With real meat, generally only one animal loses it’s life and considerably more protein is obtained in the process.

    1. Hi Dave,

      I suppose that while your right – bacteria are animals – but so are the yeast that cause the fermentation of their wine, and the other untold number of helpful bacteria that cause fermentation in other products made by pickling.

      So technically, this could be considered by some to pass the test for many vegetarians, putting aside the elephant in the room, which is this is totally disgusting.



      1. I forwarded this post to British science writer David Bradley who responded, “Fairly sure I recognize the “narrator’s” voice as that of a fairly well-known British comedy actor.”

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