Charts of Weight Gain in 2010 and Weight Loss in 2011


I use a program called WeightBot on my iPhone to track my weight. Being lazy and/or stupid, I didn’t know that I could produce these nifty yearly charts – it always showed the data month-by-month.

They make a nice comparison between 2010 and 2011 – don’t they?

Obviously, 2011 isn’t over yet, and Weightbot draws a very optimistic projection (the dotted line) that I’ll be in my 180s by the end of the year – which I don’t believe.

So what explains the big difference between the 2 years?

If I was to narrow it down to just one thing, I’d say: mindset.

I think that I had an epiphany of sorts in August of 2010 as chronicled in the post ‘The Rules Take Me Somewhere Unexpected‘ and further detailed in ‘The Continuing Saga of My Throwing a Bolt‘. These posts attempt to detail my awakening to the fact that the pursuit of weight loss had turned into a form of violence against myself.

I stopped doing this – and I gained weight.

I’m glad I did so, however – as counterintuitive as that seems. I think I needed to learn something in that – a tempering of the goals of weight loss so that it didn’t crowd out life itself.

2011 has been a year where I have learned to incorporate more carbs – fun carbs – junk carbs – into my diet – and still lose weight. It’s not a lot of carbs, but it’s enough to enjoy my life, to have pizza on occasion, to enjoy a meal with carbs, and not struggle as much.

The weight does not come off as fast, but I’m more relaxed and it seems much more sustainable.

Now…the year isn’t over yet. I could still mess things up. I’m not claiming I’ve got this licked or figured out at all.

It’s an experiment – part of an experiment that I’ve been running on myself for 8 years now.

It’s become more than just weight loss.


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