Great News, America! It Appears We Can’t Possibly Get Fatter Than We Are

The Wall Street Journal reported that, for some reason, America’s rising obesity rate stopped rising in 2003.

Actually, it’s not just the good ‘ol USA that this is happening in, but the entire world.

Researchers don’t know why, exactly, so they trot this out – at least this is the summary from the reporter:

The reasons for the leveling off — like the sharp increase that preceded it — aren’t precisely clear, the papers say. Flegal and her colleagues cite the usual array of presumed factors: an expansion of the food supply, energy imbalance, the possible effect of environmental endocrine disruptors. But they say more research is needed into the factors causing the sharp rise, as well as the plateau now.

Coincidentally, 2003 coincides with the beginning of the Atkins low carb craze.

Just sayin…


4 thoughts on “Great News, America! It Appears We Can’t Possibly Get Fatter Than We Are

  1. There really just grabbing at straws on this one arn’t they! And I don’t think your hypothesis is completely unfounded. I doubt its the only reason but the population as a whole is maybe becoming a little more savvy on sugar at least. But now Im just grabbing at straws.

  2. By the way this is Dan from DarwinsTable. I had pretty much had a bad year and all but given up. But then i saw Gary Taubes and something clicked. So starting again…sigh. Thought I would let you know in case you were wondering who this is. I kind of explain it here –

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