I Am A Product

I’ve mentioned in my posts over the past few weeks that I’ve been walking a whole lot more. I also do a lot of thinking as I do this. Unconscious thinking. Thinking where a complex thought just seems as if it was handed to me, and I am just here to take dictation.

These thoughts are not necessarily good ideas (note my ideas on nicotine as a weight loss device), and I don’t treat them as such by default. I usually need to test them out – kick the tires so-to-speak. Creative, fully formed ideas are not always good ones, and I try not to fall in love with my ideas because they’re mine, although it’s always a hazard.

As I was walking the other day, one of these fully formed ideas was handed to me. I went in and transcribed it. It was the following – written in about the time it take me to type.

You are a Product

You are a product, as mass-produced as the cattle that become your fast-food burgers. From before your birth, you, like that cattle, exist as a statistic, one that is expected to produce and consume from cradle to grave, and all that producing and consuming is intended to prolong your life to the full extent of others’ profitability and even in your death it is expected that they will turn a quick buck.

This isn’t some mass conspiracy – it’s capitalism. It’s giving people what they want. It’s ensuring that shareholders get a good return on their investment – which, if you sell junk food, means selling as much of it as possible. It’s not their fault – most people fall into their careers and have families to feed, and these individuals, just like you, are trying to earn an honest living.

While this might be sounding like a political position, let me assure you it isn’t. There isn’t any ‘other’ group or party that can solve this problem for you. Picketing your fast food joint, or OCCUPY THE CANDY AISLE in your local supermarket is not the answer.

Personal responsibility is the answer.

They are using you because you allow yourself to be used. You are taking the easy way out. You are going with the crowd, and they follow the crowd, measuring you and manipulating you into eating their overpriced crap food that will sicken you and make you fat and diabetic and very valuable in your later years as they profit from the treatments to keep you alive after a lifetime of eating their poor-quality food.

You don’t have to go along with them. You can change yourself, and see clearly how they intend to use you like cattle – and choose not to permit it.

You can be the change, each of you, one-by-one, not eating what you’re told to eat, finding health through learning your own body and its special needs, and defying their system that wants to see you fat and sick and addicted to their foods.

This is the way to destroy them. Living well is the best revenge.

I thought to myself: really, LCC? A little over-the-top, wouldn’t you say?

Having gotten the thought out of my head, I went back to work.

A little later in the afternoon there was a going-away party for a colleague and there was pizza, cake and cookies. The pizza called to me. I was in the break room, alone, getting coffee, and the pizza looked good.

I was tempted…but then I thought about what I wrote – and I didn’t want the pizza anymore.

Any healthy diet in our modern world requires healthy food and a healthy resistance to all the food cues and messages. What I wrote above, at least that one time, helped overcome the latter.

Still a little over-the-top – wouldn’t you say?

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