My Weekly Fitbit Stats 041912

Being a bit of a numbers nerd (ya think?!?), I find the emails sent by Fitbit kinda cool. Thought you might like a look.

I am actually impressed with its accuracy. I’ve counted my steps a few times and compared it to the device and it is very, very close. It also seems to count going up stairs, but NOT going up escalators – clever. The weight numbers here might be a bit misleading because I haven’t been entering them in here with any regularity. I also question the accuracy of the sleep stats, as it’s easy to mess up – you’re supposed to essentially tell the thing you are falling asleep, but, like most people, this sometimes sneaks up on you if you’re reading in bed. I also have forgotten to put it on completely.

Anywho, these nits aside, I do like this gadget. I can carp a bit about the website and the app, but that can wait…

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