Find the Heart Attack Rate in Your Area AND The Toxins You’ve Been Exposed to With This Handy Tool

For those of us who liked to be informed about this sort of thing – or data nerds  – or just those who like to scare themselves silly – here’s a nifty little tool to find out just what toxins you’ve been exposed to over the years – and as an added benefit – what the heart attack rate in your area is. Not that toxins and heart attack rates are necessarily related, mind you – they’re just trying to pile on the laughs.

You can find this map at

Find out the rates of heart attacks in your area, and the toxins you’ve been exposed to – it’s FUN!

I’ve lived in 3 places for more than 2 years in my lifetime, and they are listed below, most recent first. As I now live in a more rural area now than earlier in my life, I’m exposed to less nasty chemicals – though the heart attack rate is higher. Personally, I think that’s because I am about an hour’s drive from one of America’s saddest cities – Camden, New Jersey. There’s a really nice aquarium and zoo there, but you can feel your blood pressure rising while driving through the city of Camden to get there.

Here’s an idea. Print one of these out and bring it to your next annual physical and ask your doctor to advise you on what each of these might do to your health.

Grab a picture with your cel phone of the expression on his face before you tell him you’re just kidding – it’ll be priceless.

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