What Is the World’s ‘Best Diet’?

I just stumbled over Yoni Freedhoff the other day when I read his article in US  News. I’m going to be checking this guy out much closer. He’s a bariatric physician in Canada, and wrote this:

Your best diet is the one that keeps your calories reduced, your hunger at bay, your cravings controlled, and provides you with a regimen that isn’t merely one you can tolerate, but rather one you can honestly enjoy. The reason there are so many diet books and gurus out there is that there truly isn’t one right way to go.

So feel free to wade through the bookshelves, sample from the gurus, and poll your best friends. They may offer up some really wonderful suggestions and strategies. But ultimately, never let yourself get cornered into a dietary pigeonhole. If one approach isn’t working for you, try to identify what it is you’d need to tweak in order to like it. And when it comes to those real-life moments where what you want doesn’t fit with your chosen approach, try to remember that perhaps it’s that very inflexibility that’s led you to give up altogether in the past.

Live the healthiest life that you can enjoy, not the healthiest life that you can tolerate.

like that – a doc who understands happiness must be part of any weight loss plan.

Read the whole article – it’s worth your time.

I’m going to be reading his blog Weighty Matters very closely in the next few weeks, to be sure.


2 thoughts on “What Is the World’s ‘Best Diet’?

  1. it is true that an important part of an effective weight loss plan is that we should feel comfortable with it, I totally agree, otherwise we cannot maintain our desired weight, happily now we can count with many dietetic complements which can help us to achieve our goals. Thanks for sharing this post!

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