13 Simple Rules To Lose Weight and Be Happy Doing It

There’s so much advice on weight loss – where to begin?!?

May I be so bold as to say begin here?

You want some simple rules that will peel off the weight? Based on real-world experience from a not-too-bright person who doesn’t really exercise, doesn’t have all that much willpower, and loses weight? A guy who has been at it for 9 years and has kept off 65 pounds most of that time? Here you go:

  1. Write down everything you eat. Practice keeping a journal. The definition of ‘practice’ is that you will fail a lot, but you keep at it and get better  – like playing the piano. Make your journal as simple or as detailed as you like. Experiment. Journaling raises awareness
  2. Ride the motivation wave. When motivation is high – go with the flow. When it isn’t – relax. It’s like sailing: when the wind doesn’t blow, wait patiently and enjoy the view.
  3. Don’t be in a rush.
  4. If you are unhappy on your diet, mix it up. People lose weight on low carb diets AND low-calorie diets. It’s not illegal to switch back and forth. I won’t tell
  5. Practice not snacking.
  6. Don’t drink your calories if you can help it. Make this a practice as well.
  7. Practice the reducing of processed foods in your diet as much as possible. Avoid as many chemicals and additives as you can
  8. Stay away from weight-loss supplements – they’re expensive, possibly dangerous, and will NOT lead to long-term, sustainable weight loss
  9. If you have a lot of weight to lose, consider going on a diet first, take off some weight, then exercise. Anyone who tells you that you can’t lose weight without exercising is simply wrong.
  10. Unplanned cheats should NEVER upset you. In the long-term, they don’t matter. Just get back on the horse tomorrow
  11. If you lose weight then plateau, think of it as a place to rest. To throttle back, to recuperate before the next leg of your journey
  12. Don’t do anything to yourself that smacks of emotional abuse or physical abuse. Your health and well-being can’t be measured by a number on a scale.
  13. Realize that weight loss might make you happier but it won’t make you happy. If you pin all your hopes on weight loss making you happy, you’re in for a letdown when you reach your target. Happiness is being at peace with yourself now – not in some future place. It doesn’t mean you don’t strive for things, or don’t work hard, or even fail occasionally. If you count your blessings and fight the good fight every day, you’re in a good place.

That’s it. Short and sweet. Start your practice now.

3 thoughts on “13 Simple Rules To Lose Weight and Be Happy Doing It

  1. We have both gotten to the same place but via different routes. Just this morning I was thinking very hard about why I am so disappointed in myself for not losing any weight (stalling). I look in the mirror and only see the bulges and fat I wish were gone. But my family thinks I look just fine. I am healthy. I am not regaining weight I have lost. Why can’t I be happy about that??

    So, you use the “resting” image and I think, well, I have been resting for one entire year now. One year of not gaining any weight. That is a significant thing in weight loss. That is impossible for nearly all people who lose weight.

    The only fly in this ointment is that I can’t get out of the resting phase and move back into the losing part of low carb. Actually, there was only a week or two at the very beginning (it seems years ago) when it worked. I seem to be low carb resistant. I have tried kelp tablets to increase the metabolic rate. I have added more and more fat into my diet. I have cut all sugar from my diet. I haven’t had bread in nearly 18 months.

    In desperation I have added sweet potatoes, pineapple and some beans back into my diet just to give me a reason to eat. Eating was becoming a problem. I just didn’t have any appetite for the low carb foods I have been eating for so long now. Now I wonder if I have actually moved myself into a starvation mode and my body is fighting to keep what it has.

    I just don’t know what to do.

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