I Don’t Want Any, Sweetheart – I Want it ALL! – Scenes from a Low Carb Life #1

[Note: as I revise and edit my book, there are portions that don’t quite fit anywhere. Here you go.] 

It was a beautiful fall day and the wife wanted to take the family to the park. We also had to take a ride afterward so I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from – literally. I’m doing this Induction without the benefit of a lot of portable foods like Atkins shakes and nuts so I needed to eat an ample amount of calories before I left. I grabbed some roast beef and Belgian butter and made 4 roll-ups and had those while everyone got ready. I also downed a Greek yogurt as well. This gave me a total of 770 calories as well as ample protein and plenty of fat to run on. No matter what happens, I should be fine.

At the park the kids did cartwheels and played on the monkey bars until my younger one injured herself – not much, but enough to stop the fun. It was time to go as we needed to send our daughter to her Sunday art class, about an half-hour’s car ride at a mall.

As the mall is a distance from home and the class only 1-1/2 hours, we decided to walk the mall until the class was over. We ended up in the food court as my younger daughter was hungry. They went for Master Wok, the Chinese takeout-style restaurant chain. Soon, a Styrofoam takeout container brimming with noodles and potatoes, broccoli and chicken slathered in gooey sweet sauce was in front of me. I had taken a walk and looked at the other places in the food court – purely for research, of course. There was a chicken stand, where a nice lady standing in front with a plate offered me a bite of chicken tenders, which I declined. There was a Sbarro, an Italian food place remarkable in the fact that their food always looks better than it tastes in my opinion. I noticed that they had some baked chicken with mushrooms that might be low carb enough for me, then realized that I wasn’t simply doing research: I was hungry. I looked at the Philly cheese steak place and thought that I could eat the contents of the bun with a fork and throw the bun away.

I didn’t buy anything. I figured I had eaten enough before and I will eat home, but the anxiety came over me: what if I get really, really hungry? I told myself I would be fine, I’ll tough it out, the hunger wasn’t all that bad, probably triggered by being in a food court, and it will pass.

My daughter raved with all the enthusiasm a 6-year-old can muster: “This is the greatest noodles ever!” Always polite and considerate of others (more so than her father), she asked: “Daddy, would you like some?” and offered me the fork.

“No, sweetheart – I’m eating it all!” I said as I grabbed the container from in front of her and pushed it up to my face, eating the entire contents in a few huge bites, noodles and sauce covering my face and shirt.

Actually, I didn’t  I stopped at “No, sweetheart.” And read the book I brought, somewhat distracted. When she had finished, we walked the mall. There were errands to do – get some broken jewelry fixed and a watch battery replaced. The hunger dissipated soon after leaving the food court, so much so that I had forgotten I was hungry until about an hour later – as I suspected.

Once home, I consumed over 1,200 calories by my tally. I had the last grass-fed burger, again between 2 slices of cheese with the low carb ketchup. Next was a decent-sized plate, maybe 1-1/2 cups, of a bok choy and mushroom stir fry with garlic. Not much in the way of oil. I finished up with a 7 oz container of Greek yogurt, an entire avocado and maybe 4-5 tablespoons of salsa. This was really good – and a really good way to eat yogurt.

One thought on “I Don’t Want Any, Sweetheart – I Want it ALL! – Scenes from a Low Carb Life #1

  1. I’ve found you, again. I was following along for a while, got distracted, and then lost your website. I’m so happy to have found you again! I love that you are not perfect, you give me so much hope. I had done so well with low carb and then fell off the wagon – lots of reasons, we who fall always have excuses, and I just can’t get back on again! Your blogs give me hope because you aren’t perfect but you have kept off a large portion of your weight. So much of what you say resonates with me, it feels so good to know I am not alone and that its okay to not be perfect. I don’t want to ramble on and bore you I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your life with us all. Despite your best intentions you are indeed an inspiration.

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