Atkins Induction – Notes on Day 1

I am thinking that if this amuses me, I might try to do a quick daily  – or maybe sorta daily – chronicle of starting my low carb diet up again. We’ll see how this goes. When I begin a low carb diet I take a very personal and somewhat strange approach – but I’m almost too close to it to notice. I’m going to try to tease these tidbits out, though I give you no assurances that what I do is safe – or sane. It’s not advice – just reporting. Make of it what you will – I don’t mind.

If I do this, I will have to hit the ‘publish’ button without too much rereading, so if these appear rambling or redundant it might be because they are stream-of-consciousness. My apologies beforehand – there are many things I don’t publish because I over think them.

So anyway…

In work I stuck to roast beef and butter, then a plain greek yogurt. Dinner was 2 pork burgers (ground pork cooked like hamburger), 1 hamburger wrapped with swiss cheese, some low carb ketchup, and a slice of low carb bread, toasted, with olive oil, oregano, and salt.

You’ll notice that except for a slice of low carb bread and the ketchup, which made up maybe 5% of my total calories, all of my foods are pretty perishable. I think eating food that rots easily is an important part of eating healthy.

You’ll also notice there’s not a lot of ingredients. The total number of ingredients in my entire day’s food would be less than on a typical microwave dinner. There’s also cultured foods – both the cheese and yogurt are cultured – or given the change to be eaten by microorganisms before I eat it. Very little of my total ingredients were put into chemical drums and shipped from a chemical factory. The bread and ketchup certainly contain these items, but again, they were only 5% of my calories.

There was also nary a vegetable in sight. I like vegetables – some of my best friends are vegetables – but I personally don’t feel the need to have them every day, all the time.

I also had 2 teaspoons of Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil. This is an experiment on my part. I bought it on a whim and it is too soon to not if I think this stuff is good or if it isn’t, but I will tell you – a little research shows this stuff is, like most things in nutrition, somewhat controversial – but that’s for another post.

I (somehow) maneuvered myself around the paella, the rice, the Chex Mix (‘Mmmmmm – Chex Mix’ Says my inner Homer Simpson.’) The temptations were there, but I managed to avoid them.

As to how I felt, my energy flagged toward the end of the day. Understandable as I worked from 8am to 6pm straight – mostly complicated brainwork. While I had coffee in the AM, I am drinking much less than I used to. I once could go through 3 pots a day – now I am down to perhaps half that. Still a lot – but not for me until recently.

Before bed I took a metformin and an adult multivitamin. I do not have diabetes but I have a strong tendency in my family for it and would like to forestall its onset as long as possible. The ADA (American Diabetes Association) says it’s OK to give ‘pre-diabetics’ metformin for this purpose, and I got my doc to agree.

The adult multivitamin I take because it doesn’t have iron in it. With the meat I eat, I don’t need more iron. I am suspect of ALL supplements – for a number of reasons – and even take this one wondering if it helps or harms. I take it because I most certainly am not a slave to the notion of a ‘balanced’ diet and think that there are probable some micronutrients that I am deficient in – it might help.

I am also sucking on nicotine lozenges. Having used them to quit my brief and intense relationship with cigarettes a few weeks ago, I am now addicted to them. They do not help with weight loss – I have proven that to myself. Apparently many people do believe this as I get many hits to my failed experiments on this. I read on some weightlifter blog that I was ‘clueless and doing it wrong.’

Sounds like me.

My daily totals for Monday were as follows:

Calories: 2,602 – a little high, but I’m OK with it
Fat: 201g (71%) – about the range I shoot for
Net Carbs: 17g  – fine with it
Protein: 169g – a little high

Not a bad first day, and while I don’t obsess about the number on the scale, getting all bent out of shape when it doesn’t go in the direction I like, it did go down to 210.6, which is a 3 pound loss. I’ll take it.

8 thoughts on “Atkins Induction – Notes on Day 1

  1. What are your thoughts on eating the same things over and over? I always have an egg white omelet with spinach for breakfast, a cheesestick and yogurt for lunch and protein and some vegs for dinner. In between maybe some nuts and my sf Werthers hard candies. How “healthy”, huh?! I still drink some diet soda, too. Coffee, regular and decaf. Tea. Don’t feel like the half and half in it anymore. Odd. I have to jazz up my meals. ME 🙂

    1. I think the single most important thing is that you enjoy what you eat. Ok – so maybe cookies for breakfast won’t work but if you find healthy and relatively unprocessed foods you enjoy that fit your meal plan then a lot of misery is avoided. I personally take a short-term monotony / long-term variety approach to my eating. I’ll go on a kale soup kick, then tire of it and make chili, then cut over to baked chicken thighs. For me, it’s important to enjoy what I’m eating – and I’m hoping that getting the variety long-term is just as healthy as trying to jam all the variety into a single day – which I just don’t have the time nor inclination for.

  2. “I think eating food that rots easily is an important part of eating healthy.”

    You are so funny!

    Looks like you had a good first day. I went back on induction two weeks ago, and I’m feeling pretty darn good. I wish you good health. Keep up the great blog!

      1. Strange experiment. I bought those GIANT variety pack of muffins for the family. I caved in and had ONE BITE of the poppyseed/almond. My skin tingled and I immediately wanted to gobble the entire thing. I didn’t. I felt crappy- not just the sugar and guilt but just icky. But it was like crack for system or something. Instead, I had greek yogurt and a few pieces of melon, but then I decided to have two sugar free Oreos, which taste really close to the real thing. So, sadly, I’ve already had 20 gr of carbs, and it’s just breakfast. I did run 3.5 miles yesterday, but…I also had super thin crust pizza last night that Fultano’s calls skinny. It’s half the thickness of crust of the usual, and pretty small portions…but still. I loved every bite. My first real pizza in a LONG time. Weight at 128. I know how to adjust quickly, but high carb foods still tempt me to gorge, or at least start creeping up. It’s not easy every day.

        1. I have the audiobook ‘The End of Overeating’ by David Kessler and, if I recall correctly, he was talking to a researcher who would make rats press a lever for a droplet of food or drugs, and test how badly they wanted it by making them press the lever more and more for the next drop of the stuff. The researcher said that, with the right combination of fat and sugar, a rat would work as hard for the sugar and fat mixture as they would for cocaine.

          And we wonder why we have cravings?!?

        2. EXACTLY!! You get me!! A little wants more, and a lot wants to sleep it off and do it again the next day. If that’s not addiction, what is?

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