Atkins Induction Day 2: ‘Shut Your Piehole – with McDonalds’

Another doozy of a day in work. And about midday and I had that feeling come over me I know so well. It’s a physical wall of sorts – I do not notice any mental fatigue at all, just a slight physical fatigue. I’ve come to recognize this as my body changing over to ketosis. I’ve done this hundreds of times and wonder what THAT does to a body. It’s a rare specimen that goes into true ketogenic production and even rarer (I think) to find someone who does it with so much frequency.

I had to rush out early and forgot my yogurt so I only had 2 ounces of roast beef with 4 tablespoons of butter the whole day.

The ketosis didn’t help during my late afternoon ‘surprise’ meeting where I suddenly knew what I was doing for the next week or so. All the other people in the meeting kept looking at me because they knew I was the only one there who would actually be filling the requests. My mind was clear – but I was physically fatigued.

Tuesdays I usually get the kids McDonald’s. Once I got out of work I picked it up and spent the remainder of my ride home with the bags as my traveling companions. They were quiet companions – I don’t recall them mentioning that I might want to steal a fry – or two – as they usually do.

At home I tested to be sure – and yep – in ketosis.  I weighed myself: 207.8.

It was 7:15pm. I had left the house 6:45am. Now it was time to do dishes. Doing dishes in my house has always been a responsibility that the rest of my family has been able to successfully elude. I finally decided that *I’ll* do them. I approach it as a meditation of sorts – a little ritual OCD. I don’t particularly mind – but I was tired and shaky and a wee bit cranky from the bomb dropped on me right before I left work.

And the kids were whining. “Shut your piehole – with McDonald’s!” I told them, thinking that it would make a great advertising slogan. Dad’s usually pretty mellow, but I think they saw Dad was in no mood this evening and throttled it back.

I went back to my ‘dish meditation’ and finished some time after 8.

It was time for dinner. We still had leftover BBQ so I had two burgers on low carb bread, then a slice of low carb bread with olive oil, oregano, and salt – known as ‘Greek toast’ and wonderful with a high-grade olive oil that leaves a tickle at the back of your throat that makes you want to cough.

I did keep eating – perhaps more than I should have – with some aged cold cuts on another slice of LC bread. Not perfect, but acceptable.

The problem began when sitting and idly chatting with my wife in the kitchen after the kids had gone to bed. The McDonald’s leftovers were on the counter in front of me and I mindlessly scooped up some fries and the last bite of my older daughter’s Premium-Crispy-Chicken-Club sandwich.

Oops – didn’t mean to do that…but since I’d already fucked up, I figured: what the Hell – have some bananas. So I did – one and a half. And some fruit leathers. Not too much, though. And I did have a Greek yogurt with a few drops of EZ-Sweetz, the zero-calorie Splenda product.

So *that* was a short ketosis! The test strips this morning proved the obvious and the scale recorded 210.0 – I went down a wee-bit, though my fasting blood glucose went up to 125 – about the highest of my high range. I didn’t take my metformin in the evening, nor my fish oil, nor my vitamin. My totals were:

Calories: 2,889 – a little high, but I’m OK with it
Fat: 201 (63%) – I watched the percentage more than the grams. The percentage is too low.
Net Carbs: 130g  – way too high for me, though under 150 grams is considered ‘low carb’ by my doc.
Protein: 140g – in the high-end of my target range

So Let’s see how quickly I can get back into ketosis again.





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