Atkins Induction Day 5 – This Ain’t It

I have had a tough week – but a good one as well. I’ve been busy as all get-out, and pushing a lot of work through me. I haven’t smoked since I stopped, thanks to the nicotine lozenges – a problem in themselves I need to deal with but at a later date, and I’ve avoided alcohol. I have also been on what I characterize as a ‘news diet’ where I avoid the daily Wagnerian drama of the news. I am completely uninformed – but I am also less distracted. My mind is clear, and Things Are Getting Done – and that’s a nice feeling.

The  *ahem* ‘Low Carb Diet’ has not been successful at all, however. I got the mornings and the afternoons down pat: low carb all the way: a full fat Greek yogurt, heavy cream, tuna and mayo, chicken thighs with sour cream, roast beef and butter – all good stuff – with the exception of the mayo – too much seed oil in my way of thinking.

Evenings are the problem. They start good, descend to ‘OK’, then plunge into ‘what the fuck?’ territory. This first night, sitting with my wife in the kitchen while she ate after coming home late, a clear plastic container of bite-sized lemon cupcakes with white cream and a dollop of pure lemon-sugar goo, looking like the yolk of a tiny egg, sat on top in the middle. If they weren’t in front of me. If they weren’t in a clear plastic clamshell box. If they weren’t *lemon* I might not have crumbled.

They were good, mind you – these were above-par as 2-bite cupcakes go. The sugar blast didn’t obscure the lemon flavor – they were in a good balance to one another, and the cream was real – light and also properly sweetened so as not to overpower the flavor note of the cream itself but rather enhance it.

My only qualm with the product was this ‘2-bite’ labeling. They were single bite. I know: I had 4 and each one only took a bite. I’ll have to write a letter to the manufacturer about this mislabeling.

It’s been like that for the past 2 days, with other temptations and similar patterns, and history shows that evenings on a weekend are particularly rough. The only saving grace is that my ‘busyness’ will extend into the weekend and I won’t have too many opportunities to graze – though my rushing hither and thon *might* cause the consumption of crap on the run.

My tracking has also been haphazard  and I need to focus on improving that. I find it helps – even in the casual way I do it without worrying over every single calorie. It makes it much simpler, but I haven’t even done that to the level I want to be at for the past few days.

It’s why I call dieting a practice – and sometimes a ‘practice’ goes lousy for a while. It’s not a reason to give up the practice, or get upset – you just keep practicing until you get over whatever hump you need to clear – that’s all.

I did cook some BBQ last night so I have some low carb food prepped in the fridge. I do have a chance I catching a tailwind. We’ll see

.I’m 3.6 pounds down from my high of 213.6 on Monday, so it hasn’t been an entire failure.

Success in anything is a combination of smarts, hard work, and good luck. You can work on the first two, and it – sometimes – leads to increasing the chances of the third. I’ll keep practicing – ‘starting low carb induction every day’ – until it clicks.

It’s just the way I am.

4 thoughts on “Atkins Induction Day 5 – This Ain’t It

  1. Congrats on the 3.6 lbs! You are smart to have your low-carb foods prepared in the frig. We went to a new Thai place the other day ~ excellent, clean food ~ I was up over a pound because I ate toooooo much of it. Yesterday I ate fish and some shirataki noodles (you eat those? not my fave!) and I am down a pound. Red meat gives me a good loss sometimes too. And we continue on………..

    1. Too soon on those congrats – I’m up again.

      Anyway…I absolutely love Thai food. To me it’s halfway between Chinese and Indian food – and I love both of them, too. Actually, to think of it, there aren’t many cuisines I DON’T like if they are well-prepared.

  2. Sounds like your diet is being sabotaged! Why sit with someone who is eating tempting food? Before starting the Atkins diet we always had a nice dessert after dinner. Here’s how I avoided temptation after I started Atkins. Get some raw nuts. Pecans, almonds or macadamia nuts are all good. Put about a quarter cup in a small bowl with a tablespoon of butter. Microwave until the butter is melted. Top with a swish of low carb whipped cream. This is a nice, tasty, low-carb dessert that you can use in self-defense. It’s also filling. Good luck!


    1. I sabotage myself. It would certainly be easier if I *wasn’t* surrounded by the stuff my family eats, but I’m not the type to expect other people to change because I want to change. I was tired – and I gave in. It was all me.

      I have to try the nuts and butter. I’ve got the macademas. It sounds like it’s worth an experiment – thanks!

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