Low Carb Confidential is 6 Years Old

It would have passed without notice but I got a notification from WordPress – the nice people who host this blog – that I have been cluttering the Internet with my navel-gazing and filling search engines with useless search results for 6 years now.

With the passing of time and over 500+ posts, I think it’s time for a bit of a cleanup.

As with 500 of anything, some stuff here is better than other stuff here – and it can be quite hard for find the gems among the thought-turds I’ve dropped across the span of 6 years.

So I am going to begin a cleanup.

Little-by-little, I am going to do some spring cleaning, which might make this blog a better resource for folks looking for information – or maybe just a semi-entertaining read. It also give me a chance to see how I’ve changed and grown over the years.

And this reflection might also be the source of new posts. My thinking on low carb has surely evolved over the 10 years I’ve been plugging away. I’ve done a lot of experimentation, failed a lot – and learned a lot.

As well as most likely forgotten some things I perhaps should remember again.

This blog is a constant surprise to me. I had only the goal of keeping recipes online so I could review them at work and maybe stop at the grocery store to pick up some items on the way home, and I assumed that I would be the only visitor.

It somehow morphed into this.

I’m as curious as you might be to see what happens. As always, it will be without an overarching plan, timelines, or direction.

Same as it ever was.





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