Simple Cooking: Quick and Easy Baked Cod Recipe

I think cooking, above much else, is a must for any dieter. The problem lies in that many of us don’t know how to cook. It is becoming a lost art, something for hobbyists, enthusiasts, manufacturers, and professionals.

Knowing nothing about cooking does not mean you can’t cook quick, simple items on the go – and not leave the kitchen looking like the aftermath of a ‘sloppy chef cook-off’.

This isn’t about the recipe as much as the technique. I work long hours. Am rushed by commitments, and am tired when I get home. So here’s how I tackled this one particular dish.

Over the weekend I went to Trader Joe’s and bought a package of frozen cod pieces – an unfortunate name if you are familiar with the history of men’s clothing styles. What you get is the trimmings of cod for a whole lot less than you would pay for a full fillet. They taste perfectly fine – they just come bite-sized.

As I am not entertaining guests and plan to make them bite-sized by the act of eating them, they are perfectly fine.

Thawed in the fridge for a few days, they were ready to go. I came home and opened one the bag and squeezed out the excess water while the small convection oven heated to 400 degrees. I then put one of those cheap thin plastic cutting boards on my counter covered in a few paper towels so as to not contaminate the counter with dead cod juice, patted then dry, then placed them in a mixing bowl.

In went the following ingredients:

  • 6 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • about 10 shakes of the first seafood seasoning I found in the spice drawer
  • a few tablespoons of the grated parmesan cheese that come in the cardboard containers

I mixed it with a spoon and placed on a pan that fits in my convection oven. I spread out the fish with the spoon and put it in for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I washed the cutting board, the bowl and the spoon.

20 minutes later I had fresh-baked, slightly browned bite-sized bits of cod that made a wonderful meal, though maybe a bit salty. I’d cut back on the seasonings next time.

Being on low carb I don’t feel the need to have side dishes so the cod was the main dish. I also had some cheese with tomato as a side – the prep time for that consisting of grabbing a tomato and some cheese.

I ate it off a paper plate to avoid more dishes. I am not above paper plates.

When I was finished, the remainder went into a container that will be my lunch the next day.

The pan was wiped clean in a minute and the paper plate tossed. A nice meal, created, cooked, eaten and cleaned up in a half-hour total – with much of the time just waiting for the fish to cook.

No prizes will be awarded for this dish, but it was home-cooked, I know the ingredients, and it was good enough. Atkins-induction friendly, ketosis-friendly and tasty warmed up the next day.


3 thoughts on “Simple Cooking: Quick and Easy Baked Cod Recipe

  1. Nice! I’ll have to try that. Watch a lot of Food Znetwork , and love ” triple D”, and do many great looking dishes! Many times, though, finding and gathering – say- banana leaves and special spices is a reason we don’t cook outside the box too often. Finding simple AND delicious is always a Score!!


  2. This is where I fail in low carb. I actually don’t like eating meat, fish or poultry if I have had to prepare it from the raw state. I will cook it and feed it to others. But not eat it myself, usually. I am actually a very happy vegetarian when not on low carb.

    I wish I could make and eat the dishes you prepare for yourself.

  3. i’ll admit i am hear looking for a recipe for my “cod pieces.” while i don’t like your recipe i like your style — very funny stuff! lkng fwd to perusing your site. Chrs

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