Low Carb Potato Salad Recipe

OK – there’s no such thing as ‘low carb potato salad’. It’s like a potato salad but it uses cauliflower as a substitute, which is a perfectly acceptable low carb vegetable, and mild enough to be a decent substitute.

This is an unusual variation because it contains Polish kielbasa and eggs, but it’s really easy and worth a try. It’s also a crowd-pleaser, so you don’t have to let on that it’s ‘low carb’ if that ruins it for some folks.

  • 1 medium head of cauliflower
  • 1 kielbasa
  • 4-5 hard-boiled eggs
  • mayonnaise to taste
  • salt and pepper to taste

In a large pot, hard-boil the eggs with the kielbasa in enough water to cover both. Meanwhile, in the microwave, nuke the washed cauliflower head for 5-6 minutes. The longer you cook it, the softer it will be.

When the microwave dings, chop the cauliflower on  a large cutting board, to the size of chunks that you like.  Add to a large mixing bowl. By about this time – 10 minutes –  your eggs and kielbasa should be done. Peel the eggs and chop, then place in the bowl with the cauliflower.

Next, peel the kielbasa of so inclined – I don’t – then cut lengthwise in quarters then slice these quarters into chunks and add to the mixing bowl.

Now put in the mayo to taste. Some people like their salad drenched in the stuff – others like it dry – I’m in the middle. Add a little salt, being careful – the kielbasa is salty and will add salt to the mixture itself – you can always add salt later.

At this point some people might like to add a little vinegar – my wife put in Italian salad dressing. I like both additions, but this time I just stuck to the basics.

Personally, I think this is great at the time it is fresh-made, but there’s no doubt that letting the flavors meld overnight makes it better.

While I can give no nutrition info for what I whipped up, there are zero carbs except for the cauliflower, so this is a fine dish to have in phase 1 of Atkins or Atkins Induction, or nutritional ketosis or whatever you like to call it.

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