March 10, 2014 – Fat, Dumb, and Happy

I haven’t written as of late because I haven’t had anything of interest to say. You might find it interesting (or not) that after a splendid start of the so-called ‘2014 diet’, it petered out to an extent I haven’t seen in years. I haven’t even been *trying*, so much so that I don’t even differentiate between good foods and bad foods anymore.

There’s no ‘cheating’ when you’re not on a diet.

I also gave up the running because my knees were bothering me. I thought that I might start again after I lose some weight…I do have some bitchin’ shoes, though.

Of course the weight I put on at the end of 2013 is still with me – and I have increased since then. The highest weight was 230. I am strangely indifferent to it, though. I think it is because of work – I am involved in a very large and stressful project right now – but it could be plenty of other things. Real cause and effect can be hard to ascertain.

But I have proven yet again that low carb does work for me. I don’t do it – I get fat.

I’ve also proven that I feel better eating low carb because I feel pretty lousy at present.

I find being fed up is a good motivator – but I’m too indifferent to be fed up – or perhaps I’m fed up with my indifference? I dunno – I don’t understand myself.

Regardless, I have decided to indifferently give the ol’ diet-thing a try again.

The plan is to just do *something* – but indifference is a tough emotion to work with.

Here’s what *might* work. I have found that buying roast beef at the deli and eating it with butter is a good way to jump-start my diet. It doesn’t require much thought. It’s not a long-term solution, certainly, but perhaps it will get me started in the right direction and lead to a little more focus and a little less indifference. A few days of this can get me into ketosis, and after the weird feelings of the ketogenic cutover I usually find myself thinking clearer and having more energy.

Perhaps I’m suffering from a ‘carb fog’ – my brain working at a lower capacity because of too many crap carbs.

All I need to do is give it a couple of days. In my indifferent, ‘fat, dumb, and happy’ state – can I pull it off?

We’ll see.

6 thoughts on “March 10, 2014 – Fat, Dumb, and Happy

  1. These things seem to cycle. I am in the exact same place you are which seems to be oddly comforting. I just keep eating. I am wondering when I will decide I have eaten enough. I KNOW I feel so much better eating low carb and I miss being able to bend over and tie my shoes. Once we fall off the LC wagon we seem to forget what’s good for us!!!!

  2. You don’t sound particularly happy. Just a lot of blah! I hope the roast beef and butter kick starts you, it has worked in the past. It’s so hard to pick yourself up and start all over again but that’s what we do when we stumble. Glad you posted. Was beginning to think you had disappeared into the ether. Sorry work is so stressful. I am sure that is a big contributing factor. It is very hard to keep your head above water when work is pulling at you all the time. Anything I can do to help (not sure what that would look like) but would be happy to help if I could 🙂 ’cause I been there (off the wagon) many, many times.

    1. I think ‘blah!’ is the best explanation. I’ll probably be OK – I’ve gone through these episodes before. The one thing I feel I have over a lot of dieters – I know my diet works for me – I don’t have to go running around trying new things except for my own amusement.

      Thanks for writing.

  3. I started low carb, I didn’t know it’s supposed to be low carb & high fat.. When I started, I gave up rice on my meals. Being an Asian, it’s really hard esp when you’ve been eating rice for the longest time. After a month, I decided to ditch bread then pasta and potato. Just do it slowly but surely!

    1. Rice is a tough one to give up – especially being an Asian and it being a staple of nearly every meal. Grating cauliflower then cooking it in the microwave does give you a somewhat similar texture, but there’s little to replace that wonderful sticky Asian rice, though.

      Funny – Americans think sticky rice is a failure to cook properly. They’ve never tried to eat their rice with *chopsticks* – you’d starve to death if the rice didn’t stick together.

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