Until Next Time…

“In the absence of clearly-defined goals,
we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia

until ultimately we become enslaved by it.”

– Robert Heinlein, American Novelist

As regular readers know, the ‘ol diet thing has not been going particularly well. I’ve decided that it’s something bigger that needs to change in order to make the diet work.

As part of that change I am taking an extended vacation from the blog.

I’m not giving up on low carb, but I want to experiment in a different direction – and part of that experiment is giving up the care and feeding of this blog.

I will continue to write, but I’ll be keeping it to myself for the time being.

I am going dark for at least 6 months. Check back then.

Good luck to you all.

11 thoughts on “Until Next Time…

  1. You have to take care of you but it sucks that you will be gone for six months. Hopefully that deadline will change as you see the light. Ciao.

  2. I found it interesting that you chose a food analogy to describe your blog. I will miss your writing, but wish you all the best in your experiment. Happy trails.

  3. This makes me sad. I enjoy reading about your experiments. Makes me feel more normal since I do the same thing! Good luck on your break, I will look forward to reading from you again.

    1. Makes me sad too. He will be missed. His struggles were the same as mine and I didnt feel so alone with his blog. 😦

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog. I wish you well. You wrote that inside every thin person, who was once fat and became thin, is a fat person who’s enraged and wants to binge on oreo cookies and milk. I can So Relate! One of your commenters scolded you, saying that if you Really wanted to, you could stick to low carb and that if you ate carbs and got a severe allergy that could kill you, you would stick to low carb. Well, when people have to use Extreme examples to explain why someone should not have a weight problem or struggle w/dieting (such as: if a Gun were held to your head, you’d be thin/stick to low carb, if you were locked in a room, kept in a concentration camp, etc), Such crazy examples show how Invalid such remarks are. After all, if it takes something as EXTREME as death, guns, locked rooms, even concentration camps, to make people keep off weight and stick to diets, that what are we talking about: something so Brutally Difficult that only Violence (of some sort) is the answer, So Brutally hard as to be impossible for so many. Too many. I am back to a very strict low carb diet, determined to be Very Strict & adhere to All the rules (in addition to keeping the main rules: no regular coffee, no nuts, no fruit, even berries, no desserts of Any kind and truly very Little cheese and heavy cream) and I Hope I can do it. I don’t Know that I can do it enough to lose enough weight to feel much better and get well. And this is my 2nd time of trying. I am being assaulted with dreams of endless oreo cookies, ben’njerrys and more. I know the cravings will soon be calmed, but it seems they Never go away Completely, carbs are everywhere and people judge so harshly when one struggles with weight issues and food addictions.

    1. You get it – a lot of people don’t.

      Someone once said: it is a luxury to be understood.

      Good luck on your current go at the diet. I’m in day 12 of my current try (calorie-restricted to about 1500 per day and 70%+ fat) and I’m down 12.6 pounds. It’s possible but it’s never easy.

  5. I’m having a terrible time and I’m failing badly. For one, brief period of time my cravings disappeared, but then they steadily grew. Now they master me. I’m at that horrible place where, if I throw the bad food out, I soon feel an overwhelming compulsion to buy more. And I do. I’m in hell. Thus us a brain disease, I think, but no med ever helped me. I feel intense shame and despair, but mostly I feel sick. Ill. Worse than I usually do. Oh and here comes the weight again, not that I ever lost much to begin with, but now everyone can judge me even More than they already do. I’m at my wit’s end. God help me.

    1. Shame and despair are horrible motivators – try anger. Focus the anger on the part of you that messes up but also distance yourself from it – that isn’t *you* but rather some unwanted patterns of thinking and feeling. You can’t get rid of yourself but you can eliminate bad habits if you cease to identify with them.

      Another powerful motivator that comes out of anger? “You’ll show them!” There’s a pleasure in proving others wrong.

      But how, you may ask? Practice.

      Don’t focus on the scale at first – just focus on following the diet and to hell with the scale. Like a person practicing the piano or meditation, you’ll be sure to have some awful days, but your job is just to show up and ‘punch the clock’ day after day.

      When I screw up I say to myself: another day shot to hell – then start up the next day. Do I get frustrated? Do I despair at times? Yep. When I do, I feel sorry for myself briefly, and begin again. Been doing that for 10 years. I might not have a ‘beach body’ but I’m 45 pounds less than I was a decade ago, so I might not be where I want but I’m still better off than I was.

      Good luck.

  6. Maybe I’m just tired of eating low carb. Sweets are highly Addictive but pizza is a savory food. I had some yesterday and it was Delicious. It satisfied me. And no overwhelming urge to binge like with sweets. I did very low carb for 3 years but now I’m sick of it. I hope I learned some good lessons from it though. Sorry for so many comments. I hope you blog again someday. All the best to you.

  7. Forr LCC, ZSM and all the others who are having a difficult time with their journeys …. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! I think that’s the greatest part of these blogs. There are a lot of people on the same path you’re on. ME for example. I’ve learned to mix things up, try new recipes (have you tried the low carb cauliflower pizza crust yet?), distracting myself with work, walking (not easy on my knees), swimming, kids, etc. I’m not always successful, but I’m always learning. I have a Pinterest low carb collection of recipes, including desserts, that is awesome. I don’t just pin all these recipes, but I’m reading, reading, reading!!! YOU are your greatest fan, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to improve your health.

    LCC … I’ve really enjoyed your entries. Don’t know what path you’re now taking, but remember its not only carbs. Its a combination of watching those damned carbs & calories. Are you trying to lose weight? Have you considered tracking everything? I’ve found it keeps me on the right path, makes me aware of my intake (including water), and some of these sites have great motivation for you. I use spark people, although there’s My Fitness Pal, and others out there. Pick one, track your meals, and be diligent. In the end, you don’t have anyone to answer to except yourself. My issue is getting up off my butt and completing my walking. Any ideas?

    Again, don’t give up on yourself, and to hell with all the negative comments from folks who feel bad about their choices, because they want you to feel bad, too.

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