A Tip For Getting Through the Upcoming Holidays Low Carb

Holidays are always rough. Jeez – even getting my diet *started* has been rough! I’ve concluded that portion-control of high-carb stuff might work for some people – but it doesn’t work for me. If *I’m* going to make it through the holidays, it’s going to be by saying ‘no’ to a lot of foods. Telling people you are ‘on a diet’ usually gets an eye roll from them, but I had a houseguest that thought it would be a generous gesture to buy a lot of beer and for us to get drunk together. I got out of that one by saying: “I’d love to, but I’m on a medication where I can’t drink.” People don’t pry much after that, and they can’t really be insulted.

That might work for alcohol, but what about food? I myself am thinking of conjuring up a lie for well-meaning friends – something about: “I am on a special diet that, if I don’t follow, My doctor told me I’m going to have to end up being put on a lot of medications.”

This is technically true. Given my family history of diabetes and the fact that both my siblings developed full-blown diabetes a decade prior to my current age – and the fact my doctor said: “You KNOW you’re going to develop diabetes.”, it’s not exactly a lie. It also seems like the type of thing where most people won’t pry further – and you’re not discussing discussing diseases at a holiday table.

Mentioning a ‘doctor’ also helps. They hold magical powers – similar to priests in the middle ages.

There is also the wonderful thing about low carb in that most meals. with a bit of substitution, can lend themselves to low carb. Thanksgiving dinner can be turkey, gravy, and whatever low carb vegetable they make. Eating beforehand can also help. You seem like a character out of a vampire novel, seeming to eat, but not really. If food pushers – the nicest, but least helpful people to a dieter question it, pull out the ‘I have to watch what I eat of I’ll be on a lot of scary meds’ line which should shut them down.

Maybe there’s something in that you can adapt for yourself.

13 thoughts on “A Tip For Getting Through the Upcoming Holidays Low Carb

  1. I use a LC diet for migraines prevention. Most people I know are well aware of the possible debilitation effect of me having a migraine attack , so it makes it easier for me to stick to LCarbing during social occasions, however, LC for a weight-loss/maintence is a more strict diet in my case. It excludes liberal consumption of LC deserts, nuts , milk products and snacks.
    You can mention dangerously high levels of a blood sugar after eating carbohydrates, which is probably a complete true in your case, and very possible for some of your guests who feel very sleepy after a meal.

  2. Thanks so much, LCC! I will definitely incorporate your suggestions and Galina L’s migraine prevention (I used to get them but low-carbing has helped immensely). One problem is my thinking that I’ll only get these special foods during the holidays ~ like I don’t know what kolachi taste like! My mother was Russian and my father Italian so my brother and I were brought up with a lot of delicious foods.

    1. I miss the most rye bread and a buckwheat at liberal amounts as my native foods, but many choices are left. My hobby is cooking, so it was easier for me to find holiday foods compromises, but it is still possible to gain weight eating cheesecakes , nut-based cakes and a whipped cream with a sugar substitute.
      I always buy a bulk of nuts in shells for a holiday season – it works as a social food which is hard to over-consume. It is messy.

  3. LCC, the trick is not only staying away from all carbs (except for the healthy vegetable carbs which are loaded with fiber to offset the carbs), but also portion control. Don’t forget that you can eat lotsa bellyfillers such as beans, too. Add salsa and goat cheese and heat them up all together…it’s delicious and very very filling. You know, you could actually lose weight during the holiday season if you wanted to. Increase your activity, too. It doesn’t take a lot of time during your day. If you have a stationary bicycle, put it in front of the tv and use it. Even 15 minutes of slow cycling is better than no exercise at all! Get the easiest exercise dvds out there: specifically, the ones by Leslie Sansone. All she does is lead a group of men and women and all they do is march in place, they do sidesteps, they kick and they raise their legs to their chests. All their exercises are based on these four easy steps. If you own a Roku, you don’t even have to buy her DVD’s; you can just watch the ones downloaded to YouTube! I, too, am constantly fighting my weight, but simply by making the above changes to my life, just a few months ago in the beginning of September, I’ve already lost 15 pounds and my A1C went from 6.1 last year at this time to 5.6 just last month, which is considered to be below pre-diabetic (finally!), after all these years! I would bet money that I’m at least fifteen years older than you are, too. If I can do these small tweaks in my life, I know you can do this, too!

    1. Thanks for writing.

      I like beans and I don’t have digestibility issues with them *if* eating low carb, but I tend to avoid them because you can’t go REALLY low carb eating them. They work wonders for some people, however, so I have nothing bad to say about them – in fact, I’d like some now.

      Exercise. I am *so* conflicted on this topic I could write a book on it. I also have a lifelong aversion to it. Yes – I know that even a small amount of light exercise would be better than nothing at all – but I’m just so damn good at nothing at all!

      Thank you for the reminder though. You’ve pushed it a bit forward in the line of changes I’m working toward.

        1. They may be high in carbs, but they are also high in fiber…that’s the important number regarding beans. That’s why my naturopath recommends them as the best protein source (followed by nuts, for the same reason) for weight loss. And, nuts are high in the good fat you want to eat, besides being fiber-filled.

        2. Sigh…all of this ends up going down the science ‘rabbit hole’. Some people think low carb is 100 grams a day – some think it’s under 20. If you are going for ketosis (which is wonderful or awful depending on what papers you choose to read) you can’t have beans. Nuts can also be good or bad depending on whether you believe that omega-6 oils can cause inflammation – and whether that inflammation is bad for you.

          I DON’T KNOW – hence I don’t give advice anymore but just report what I’m doing – which might be the worst possible thing in the world or the best – again, depending on who you believe.

          I pretty much stick to Macadamia nuts (low in omega-6), think ketosis makes me feel better, and strive to keep my carbs below 20 grams. If what you’re doing is working for you, please don’t be swayed by anything I say here.

        3. I used to eat way more fiber before than now, mostly because I ate more frequently and ate whole grains . It was not so terrific as it was described everywhere. In my case having less carbohydrates is more beneficial than having more fiber. I think I react in a wrong way when my stomach is too stretched with a bulky food.

  4. LOL! It’s like reading about how bad coffee and chocolate are for you on the one hand, and how good coffee and chocolate are for you on the other hand! Since I believe the latter, I’ve been drinking Starbucks Guatemalan, which contains both!

      1. I believe coffee is good for me, but I know for sure that chocolate is bad because I am more prone to flaring of allergies when I consume chocolate.
        Susan , are you the teacher who works in Arab Emirates, who I had conversations with 2-3 years ago about making a rye bread? Hello then.

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