I’m Not Dead Yet



I’m still here.

I haven’t written much because there wasn’t much to say. It was like being the weatherman in Arizona: ‘by golly, it’s going to be hot and sunny again.’

My version of that is, I suppose ‘fat guy who got thin then got fat again still fat.’ What’s the point in writing that over and over?

There *has* been a change, however.

I totally gave up alcohol August 1st. I didn’t feel like resuming my diet at that time, but that felt like a good first step. I felt no particular discomfort despite being able to pack away 1-2 bottles in an evening maybe 3-4 times a week.

I guess that would be considered ‘heavy drinking’. Interesting, though – a lot of people don’t know this – but the CDC came out not too long ago with research that showed that 90% of heavy drinkers are not alcoholics – they just like the stuff. Call them ‘enthusiasts’, I suppose.

‘Enthusiasts’ have many of the same problems as the truly addicted alcoholics – the difference being that they didn’t have the same physical withdrawal symptoms.

Since I stopped without any ill effect, I suppose I was an ‘enthusiast’.

So thousands upon thousands of empty calories disappeared from my weekly consumption – not to count the extra food that the alcohol made all that much more fun to eat.

And yet…my weight did nothing. Or maybe it stabilized. I might have continued to gain, but I’ve stabilized at between 260 and 265 – a bit more than my 5′ 10″ frame should support. At this exact moment I am 259.8.

While my energy is better, it’s still in the crapper from the level it once was. I apparently snore like hell which makes me a candidate for sleep apnea, which among the many side effects including killing you, also results in low energy because of lack of good sleep.

So here I am on a Sunday, contemplating starting my low carb diet yet again. I’m 12 years older than my first go at it – and the difference between my 40s and my 50s – for me – was big.

Still not a believer in exercise – at least when I’m this fat – too much risk of injury.

So I will proclaim one of those proclamations that people who have done nothing to move toward their goal proclaim: I will start my new low carb diet today. I will lose 10 pounds.

I won’t write anything until I lose those 10 pounds. If I lost the 10 pounds, I’ll see ya then.

If I don’t lose the 10…then I’ll see ya.