I’m Not Dead Yet



I’m still here.

I haven’t written much because there wasn’t much to say. It was like being the weatherman in Arizona: ‘by golly, it’s going to be hot and sunny again.’

My version of that is, I suppose ‘fat guy who got thin then got fat again still fat.’ What’s the point in writing that over and over?

There *has* been a change, however.

I totally gave up alcohol August 1st. I didn’t feel like resuming my diet at that time, but that felt like a good first step. I felt no particular discomfort despite being able to pack away 1-2 bottles in an evening maybe 3-4 times a week.

I guess that would be considered ‘heavy drinking’. Interesting, though – a lot of people don’t know this – but the CDC came out not too long ago with research that showed that 90% of heavy drinkers are not alcoholics – they just like the stuff. Call them ‘enthusiasts’, I suppose.

‘Enthusiasts’ have many of the same problems as the truly addicted alcoholics – the difference being that they didn’t have the same physical withdrawal symptoms.

Since I stopped without any ill effect, I suppose I was an ‘enthusiast’.

So thousands upon thousands of empty calories disappeared from my weekly consumption – not to count the extra food that the alcohol made all that much more fun to eat.

And yet…my weight did nothing. Or maybe it stabilized. I might have continued to gain, but I’ve stabilized at between 260 and 265 – a bit more than my 5′ 10″ frame should support. At this exact moment I am 259.8.

While my energy is better, it’s still in the crapper from the level it once was. I apparently snore like hell which makes me a candidate for sleep apnea, which among the many side effects including killing you, also results in low energy because of lack of good sleep.

So here I am on a Sunday, contemplating starting my low carb diet yet again. I’m 12 years older than my first go at it – and the difference between my 40s and my 50s – for me – was big.

Still not a believer in exercise – at least when I’m this fat – too much risk of injury.

So I will proclaim one of those proclamations that people who have done nothing to move toward their goal proclaim: I will start my new low carb diet today. I will lose 10 pounds.

I won’t write anything until I lose those 10 pounds. If I lost the 10 pounds, I’ll see ya then.

If I don’t lose the 10…then I’ll see ya.


8 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead Yet

  1. Thank you for posting!! I’m EXACTLY where you are except I haven’t yet given up my alcohol (enthusiast, apparently). Thought it might be today but, hey, it’s the start of football season. Tomorrow! Famous last words, I guess! I’m 54, heavy into my pastas & breads at the moment, & alcohol (thousands of empty calories…true!) make eating the above that much more pleasurable. Until the next day! I’ll be thinking of you and joining you on the journey tomorrow. (!) wishing us both the perseverance to work the life plan that we truly know does work!!

    1. OMG! You are in a such easy diet spot! You could just drop your pastas and breads and loose 20 lbs without even trying hard!

  2. Glad you posted! It took me three months to get rid of 15 pounds. Now nothing is coming off. Dr’s apt on Oct 1. Should be interesting to see how my bloodwork is. Did you see your dr yet?

  3. Good to see you post once again…. I am sure you will do the 10 lbs…. I too have gained my weight back and hopefully by the time I hear from you again I too will have lost some weight. I am 73 and it is tough to lose …. but only since I had Chemo 2 years ago and then everything stopped working for me… but I do have my life and cancer free…..so I trudge on with the weight problem.

  4. It is amazing, I was thinking about you not posting any longer only yesterday! It was the first time thinking about your blog without seeing a post on my computer.
    I have an update too. My thyroid medication was increased to the point that my TSH is 0.2 now, and I started to loose weight while eating more(still LC). I also began to feel jittery, and decided to divide the Armour thyroid pill in half and take it two times during a day.
    I think your thyroid could be lowish as a body’s response to long-time dieting. May be you could even continue drinking while taking a thyroid medication. Just don’t take a regular synthetic kind – it doesn’t work well.

  5. I had been checking for an update after the butter soup post. I worry about you.
    Now I’ll have to HOPE you lose 10 so I can read another post. Good Luck.

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