The Hunger Artist


The Hunger Artist‘ is a short story by Franz Kafka about a man who starves himself to death. He was a sideshow carnival freak. In the days before Netflix and posting to Facebook, visiting carnival sideshows and watching people not eat was actually a ‘thing’. The main character has issues, to be sure. There are even modern equivalents – magician David Blaine went without food for 44 days – being a magician of course he might have pulled some sort of trick – which many of the hunger artists did (there were a lot of them in history), but this illustrates that the notion of what someone puts in their mouth as a sort of performance art has been around for a long time.

Low carb worked for me for 10 years. In that time I was obsessed with learning all I could. I posted over 500 posts on the topic from 2007 to 2016 – as well as wrote a number I never had the guts to publish.

Perhaps all this contributed to my downfall. From October of 2013 when I had my appendix out to now I’ve gone from 207 to my highest weight ever: 279.

I think this invalidates most of what I’ve written on this blog before now.

I had thought of deleting this blog and starting a new one, but I decided instead to just focus it in a new direction.

This is no longer a diet blog but performance art.

There is nothing to learn here, no advice to take, nothing to apply in your own life. I don’t recommend anybody do anything like I do as I now know enough about low carb, losing weight, and metabolic science that I know I know nothing.

I am going to attempt another go at low carb. Don’t worry – I have no plans to starve myself to death. Other than that, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Those of you into this sort of performance art: welcome.

4 thoughts on “The Hunger Artist

  1. I always give the link to your post when somebody starts talking about using nicotine for a weight loss.
    Your example also illustrates the importance of involving own family into own diet. Many LCarbers influence what their spouses and children eat, it helps. Your battle looks like a lonely affair.

  2. Glad you’re back! … In whatever form it takes. I’ve missed your sardonic wit! …and I too am just recovering from my highest weight… Welcome aboard.

  3. LCC, you certainly aren’t alone! I got down from 215 to 178 (took forever). I have quickly gone up to 184.4 in the past couple of weeks. I can try to blame the extremely high humidity here in upstate New York?! My ankles and feet are swollen ~ had a leg cramp during the night. But I shall carry on and hope you do too.

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