Pigs Fly – Day 7 – Tsk Tsk Edition

Monday, July 11, 2016

I was 271.4 pounds this morning, which, given last night’s behavior, was probably inevitable. That bagel was going to lead to me holding on to a lot of water.

The day wasn’t going to turn out all that great either – more an example of my erratic nature.

While I had my normal coffee with a few ounces of Atkins shake in the am, the rest of the day was unplanned. I had maybe 4 cups of coffee in work with a shake as creamer – but nothing else. My day was frenetic – and my job, by extension, is as a norm, so when it was as notable as it was, it’s pretty out there.

I didn’t eat the entire day. I also forgot to have my psyllium. I also forgot to take my vitamin.

When Ii left work I was hungry but not starving. I was not particularly distracted by ‘The Fast Food Mile’ – a strip of fast food chain I pass on the way home that have snared me many times. I was focused on going home and eating my eggplant and pork belly concoction that I made Sunday – perhaps with some sour cream.

That went out the window when I came home and my daughter had cooked fried chicken thighs in a mushroom cream sauce.

You have to understand something: my daughter has a supernatural ability to whip up dishes with whatever is in the house that people would pay money for. She is the best cook in the house by far.

I was *planning* to avoid her dish – she typically adds sugar and flour to her dishes – but I was unable to resist.

Before it was done I had an egg yolk and some Canadian bacon left over from my younger daughter’s leftover pickings of an eggs Benedict from the weekend, then tried a thigh.

Heaven. I could never come close even at my best.

She had also made mashed potatoes from the dehydrated flakes and used the chicken fat as the oil as well as cream instead of milk.

Sorry: low carb was out the window this day – I could only hope for portion control.

As the ‘what the Hell effect’ set in on the low carb aspect, I had 2 slices of bread with the thighs, potatoes and gravy.

And I had the lemon-flavored MiO in the 3 or 4 glasses of water I drank.

I did my best to guesstimate what I ate, then went to bed.

I used the quirky though more carb-friendly Carb Manager app to do the calculations. It works well. I don’t think I’ll be using the Loseit! app anytime again unless something comes up to change my mind.

The totals for the day were:

Calories: 1100
Net carbs: 80g
Protein: 58g
Fat: 58g

Ugh. Calories too low. Net carbs too high. Protein too low. No vitamin. No psyllium. No vegetables. Went too long without eating. TWO slices of bread. Mashed potatoes from a box!

There’s a reason why the tagline of this site is ‘The World’s Worst Low Carb Dieter’.



One thought on “Pigs Fly – Day 7 – Tsk Tsk Edition

  1. That small weight gain isn’t bad at all ~ by tomorrow it should be gone. I’ve decided my slow weight loss recently is because of the Quest chips & bars that I consume. It’s hard for me to remove them from my eating plan ~ the bbq protein chips take care of my salt fix and double chocolate chunk & cookie bar flavors take care of the chocolate fix. Very low net carbs & calories aren’t bad: 120/5 for the chips and around 180/190/4 for the bars. They are pricey ~ maybe I should reduce them from daily to few times a week??!! I know real food is better……..Also, 1,100 calories really is low for you. I was reading one of your old posts called “Revenge of the Meatloaf” and you were eating pickles, cheese, and mayo in 2008 ~ love that stuff!

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