Pigs Fly – Day 17

Thursday, July 21, 2016


266.8 at morning weigh-in.

Not the best of days. Did all right during the day – and part of the evening as well – having my burgers and cheese – which I don’t seem to tire of.

Went off the rails while watching part of the Republican Convention, having cheese, lettuce, and mayo on a slice of bread, the moppings of the hamburger grease on a half slice of bread, and ate way too much of a Lindt chocolate bar with blackberries that I got for Father’s Day.

I went to bed before the candidate spoke. Not all that interested.

Calories: 2645
Net carbs: 83g
Protein: 119g
Fat: 200g

4 thoughts on “Pigs Fly – Day 17

  1. Just had time to catch up on your “When pigs fly” series. Now I’m wondering how it’s been going for you since day 17. Hope to see you back soon. I enjoy your thoughts about your journey.

  2. Hey its August 13. Where are your posts. You can’t give I’m that easy. Focus, plan your meals, and don’t deviate. Make sure you occupy your evenings by: stay at work later, play games with your kids, take care of the house or car, very light exercise (like go hit some tennis balls or shoot some hoops. Every minute away from your routine is another minute you are not eating garbage. I’m in a similar boat as you but somewhat over the hump for the past 8 months. I’ve dropped from 275 to 235 and have just notched up my discipline since I’ve been plateaued here for a while.

  3. Please get back to posting! We just want to share the journey, its not about success or failures. We have ALL been there for our entire lives. This isnt easy or fun for anyone. And its great to hear about failures so we know we arent alone. Please post every so often just to keep us in the loop?

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