Some external events prompt another go

God am I ugly.

I’m married, in my 50s, and don’t need to get through life on my looks – but man!

I had my picture taken for professional purposes and it is awful. I almost can’t bear to look at it.

Apparently – neither can others. It was going to be used as part of a group of photos representing a team I am on, but it appears that my assessment of the photo – and my visage – is objectively correct: I’ve been dropped from the group and my photo is missing.

I’m quite happy about this. I have never been photogenic. I’m lucky if a good picture gets taken. I tend to freeze up when a camera is pointed at me, and my ‘photo smile’ makes me look like a half-wit.

The pictures capture this perfectly. Artfully taken by a professional, they capture all the reasons why a camera should never be pointed at me.

Now – you can’t cure ugly, but the ugly is made worse by the fat. I’ve had some success at addressing the fat issue before – and this photo might be that tipping point that leads me away from the Land of Fun Starches back to the Land of Low Carb Reason – a place I know exists. I’ve been there before. I’ve lived there. It was OK. No – I didn’t eat White Castle hamburgers there, but I did eat, didn’t starve, lost weight and felt better.

And I didn’t look like Jabba the Hut on a bad hair day.


4 thoughts on “Some external events prompt another go

  1. Once you return to low carb eating you’ll wonder why you ever left! 🤔

    I’ll take steak over a plate of pasta and choose eggs and bacon overpancakes or cereal any day.

    Enjoy the great food and get back in shape at the same time. Low carb rocks!

  2. You can do this….it’s a life long struggle… I fight it every day…I am 74 and I know that low carb is the way for me…. I don’t lose much weight from it because of my age and yo-yo all my adult life but I sure do feel better… We all think we are ugly in pictures….for one reason or another.

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