I hate when I screw up and lose weight

I hate when this happens.

Despite the fact that I indulged myself on 3 double cheeseburgers at McDonald’s yesterday – as well as ate generously of leftover candy some bastard coworker brought in, I lost almost 2 pounds.

It makes me think I have no *clue* what or how to eat to lose weight.

As mentioned in a previous post, I need to visit a client on Wednesday and want to look somewhat presentable. I am lucky to say that I am accepted as I am by my colleagues – but perhaps still vain enough that I would like to up my image from Old Navy khakis and polo shirts when visiting someone important. This is compounded with the fact that I am going to go with 3 other people and needs to at least attempt to somewhat match.

The good news is my industry is not a dressy, formal one. ‘Business casual’ is the norm, but there’s a spectrum to that and for a visit with someone I have never met, you would like to present yourself on the higher end of that spectrum.

I *hate* shopping for clothes. Even when thin, I was never a fan and would need to fight an urge to bolt from the store, not buying the whatever it was I had gone there for in the first place.

This was going t be made even harder by the fact that it’s pretty hard to find clothes for people as fat as I am. There are special stores of course – but none less than an hour away.

I needed moral support and someone who had a sense of style and lots of opinions on this sort of thing. My 17-year-old daughter was perfect. I asked her to accompany me – and let her pick the stores.

Lord and Taylor was her first choice, but the woman in the sport jacket department looked grim as she told me that she had nothing that would fit. I believe she was more embarrassed by the situation than I was. She did say that while she didn’t want to send me somewhere else, she had heard from other customers that JC Penny had larger sizes.

So we took a walk there. She was right – they catered to a fatter demographic. I found a blue blazer that *just* fits me and a shirt that wasn’t skin-tight. After dealing with a sales clerk who seemed determined to get me to sign up for a JC Penny credit card I did not want – I bolted.

To be honest: if I had gone myself, I would probably have given up after Lord and Taylor.

By the time we came back it was early afternoon and I had not eaten. I had my psyllium, then putzed on my computer and did some chores around the house.

As is typical with me, as the day progressed, things went downhill. Not that I ate particularly bad, but I didn’t eat low carb.

I gave up on Sunday and didn’t try at all. Again, I did not go out of my way to binge – I just ate when hungry. I did have orange juice which I didn’t need. That was probably the largest of my sins.

Monday wasn’t a particularly bad day either, but Tuesday morning I was 278.

Oh well.



One thought on “I hate when I screw up and lose weight

  1. Have you done any recipes lately from The Fat Fast Cookbook? The mushrooms and deviled eggs are good and filling. I “fried” some pecans and walnuts with some French butter that I had, added some Splenda Naturals, & pink salt. Not bad ~ of course, I ate too many. I probably should have used macadamias and some restraint.

    Sorry about the clothing problem. I bought 3 new winter jackets. I, ahem, am having a bit of trouble zipping them up.

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