Review: A Jawbone fitness tracker for a dirt-cheap price UPDATE

UPDATE 05/27/18: While my tracker still works at tracking steps, it now tells me that it ‘Can’t connect to the network.’ I think that’s because they liquidated the company last week and they pulled the plug on the server and the site has apparently been taken down. The app is still in the IOS App Store (who knows for how long), but I’m not sure that you would be able to set up a new device – so I *DON’T* recommend buying it anymore. The device is useless without the app, so I’d say the party’s over…

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 7.16.14 AM

Years ago I had what I think was the original FitBit. I tracked your steps, told the time, and claimed it could track how many stairs you climbed. It also needed to be changed frequently and was a pain in the ass to sync to the app. It cost $99.

Then it got lost.

The FitBit One was the replacement. It was slicker in design – but I could never get the damn thing to work reliably. It cost $99.

In total, that was $200 I would never see again.

Fast forward to April, 2018. I wanted a cheap clip-on fitness tracker to just count steps. Instead, everything is now on a wrist band – which I didn’t want as I hate wearing anything on my wrists and can’t even wear a watch – and tells the time, tracks heartbeats, tracks sleep, etc.

I didn’t want all that – I just wanted to track steps, but I couldn’t find anything that simple. There also seemed to be only 2 options: buy a well-known brand for $100 and up, or buy a no-name brand with crappy reviews. Clip-ons were almost impossible to find.

I did a lot of looking and, almost hiding on Amazon was this Jawbone clip-on tracker ranging in price from about $9.00 to $15.00, depending on how ugly a color you are willing to tolerate.

I got one. I have been very impressed.

It has a battery that they say does not need replacing for 6 months – so no hassle charging it all the time. It syncs with the iPhone app pretty flawlessly. It has a whole bunch of features I don’t use – like sleep tracking – that don’t get in the way if you don’t want to use them, though if I do choose to use them someday they seem well-designed.

I believe these are discontinued models. While I think it’s a great design, it probably just couldn’t be found among all the other models – or maybe clips are so like 10 minutes ago.

My primary worry is that the device will outlast that app. If it is really a discontinued model, will they keep the app updated? Balance that question with: is it worth the risk at $9 bucks?

You make that decision for yourself.

Please note: I bought and paid for this thing myself. Nobody asked me to write this. I don’t get any money for this. Buy it – don’t buy it – no skin off my nose.

Here’s a link:




4 thoughts on “Review: A Jawbone fitness tracker for a dirt-cheap price UPDATE

  1. Doubtful, because Jawbone is basically circling the drain. They bought bodymedia, so I lost my favorite wearable when they stopped updating, then I got a Jawbone UP3, whose band kept breaking but I loved it until they stopped answering their phones and basically dropped off the face of the earth, so then there was nothing left for me but a Fitbit. I’ve got an Alta and a pretty watchband and I’m happy with it ~6 months in. I like that it’s a watch too because it bugged me not having a watch.

    Different folks want different things. I just wish the field was a bit wider to choose from, but all the ones with devices I see as “best” keep going out of business.

    1. You’re right. This gizmo must have gone for at least $80-100 – if they sold any. It cost more than $14 to *build it*. My reasoning is: if I spend $14 and get 6 months out of it – and actually USE IT, it justifies a more expensive one. My experience with Fitbit is: spend $100, get a year or less. Get into a relationship with a fitness tracker and it’ll break your heart, I tell ya. You got to play the field with fitness trackers – they’re all alike.

  2. Welcome back! I made your chili recipe yesterday (we STILL have snow here). It was perfect! Also my husband’s NP at his heart dr’s office lost a lot of weight ~ we had not seen her in about a year ~ I’d say maybe 150-200 lbs? And guess how she did it ~ full-on Keto. She looks so good and her face is smooth and beautiful. Very impressive.

    1. Thanks, ME! Glad you enjoyed the chili. I’ve been eating it all week myself. I don’t think they’ll be leftovers. After 15 years I am still learning about keto, and although it’s not easy – and you *can* mess yourself up if you do it wrong, it can produce impressive results if you do it right. I’m trying to ‘do it right’ this time’ – and if I don’t mess up, I’ll probably be writing about it more in the future.

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