Quick update for anyone that cares (Bacon is mentioned)

First: not dead yet. I *do* have a cardiologist that sees this fat old fuck walk into his office and he is *sure* there has to be something wrong with my ticker. I had bloodwork not too long ago which – except for my cholesterol being out of whack from my crappy eating at the time, everything was normal. Not having any alcohol for the 2 months prior to the bloodwork seemed to correct the wonky liver enzymes from the last bloodwork so it seems my liver is happy about my decision to quit drinking.

I’m ok with it too. It was just a way of passing time that I tended to be over enthusiastic for.

I’m guessing if the liver enzymes fixed themselves my liver is not too far gone – I guess. I’ve read that ALD (Alcoholic Liver Disease) can have a pretty quick onset. From the first time you go to the doc for the symptoms you’re having, you could have a month to live.

And now past 90 days I still feel gradual improvements. I don’t act nor feel as old as I did – even eating junk – when drinking.

So anywho, as I’ve entered my 7th decade and turned 60, this is when you’re well past warranty and parts start to wear out – especially if you didn’t maintain the vehicle like you were supposed to. So when my doc gave me an EKG he found a ‘Right Branch Bundle Block’ and that’s why I’m seeing the cardiologist.

I looked up the RBBB and it said it’s harmless sometimes. The LEFT Branch Bundle Block is the really worrysome one and I ain’t got that. So my cardiologist – a nice guy who go from room to room with his laptop balanced on one arm why he rolls his mouse around on his belly – wanted to give me a nuclear stress test. I didn’t know much about them, shrugged and said sure, then went home to read up on it. Apparently the radiation is about the same as getting 400 chest x-rays.

I gave that a big ol’ nope. I also had an echocardiogram and it was normal. I also had a stress test which showed the RBBB, naturally, but the heart doc wanted that nuclear stress test I gave the hard nope to. He countered with a ‘Stress Echo’: first, a relaxing echocardiogram – imagine a sonogram of a baby that’s growing in your chest as you’ve probably seen a sonogram. Then they make you do a stress test with, for me, is not pretty. Then they rush you back to the echocardiogram room and check out your stressed heart.

I was supposed to have that next week but I’m stalling – I canceled. I’ll get it, though. Just too many doc visits on top of one another.

This past week after Thanksgiving I just sorta decided to go on a hardcore keto diet because it’s all I know, really – I can’t be more honest. They have been failing me for the past decade since I had my appendix out, but this time I’m not attempting to drink at the same time. That makes it easier.

I’m really lazy and late Sunday I found the first keto calculator I could find, got my macros, and then – just for the fun of it – looked up bacon. I remembered ‘Dan the Bacon Man’ who ate bacon for 30-days straight and lost weight.

I looked up bacon and the nutrition profile almost matched my macros perfectly.

So I ran to the store and bought 6 packages of bacon – you have to eat 2 pounds (or what left after cooking) of bacon to get near the correct calories. I figured I’d do this until I gave meal planning more thought.

So the week has been somewhat chaotic. First off, I couldn’t eat just bacon for more than ONE day and I found myself eating some celery. So I figured I can riff on the bacon by adding low carb above ground veggies. This sorta worked, While I had bacon every day, I have some leftover cheese, some hot dogs, and some other old keto faves – but that wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I wanted to try to eat a very minimal diet of bacon, other meats, and veggies – and that’s it. I was also trying an 18:6 fast which worked sometimes.

So some days my calories were over, sometimes under, and I lost an unimpressive 5 lbs. during a chaotic week of winging it.

In the meantime I accomplished 3 goals I was too distracted to notice until now:

  • I had no takeout for a week – that’s big for me
  • I had no grains for a week – another biggie
  • I had no sugar – not a sugar fiend but I do like sweets on occasion
  • I got into ketosis and got up to 1.5 mmol/ml or whatever the measurement is

Ok – that 4 – I’m not going back and changing it.

So you know I spend Sundays working on my goals for the next week – right? Last week it was to get into a keto diet and eating less. Well, I did one, sometimes did the other, and did the 4 bullets above without thinking. The most interesting observation was the monotony of bacon made me crave green healthy things. I had no cravings for bread or takeout. That’s usually the first roadblock. Something abut the bacon, maybe.

But it made me think that if I was able to quit bread and takeout so easily, maybe I can do the same for MiO and dairy this coming week. I was lactose intolerant as a baby and maybe milk still causes issues I don’t know about because it doesn’t give me the trots?

And sucrolose – the ingredient in MiO that makes it sweet – seems to have a reputation for mucking up your gut biome.

So I had neither today.

I only had a spring mix salad with about 4oz. of cooked bacon, olive oil, apple cider vinegar (ACV), and nutritional yeast that you can shake on stuff like canned parm cheese leftover from a very brief fling with a no cheese attempt from a while ago.

I’ve been up since 5am, had only that salad, am under 1,000 calories, and now it’s nearly 7pm and I’m not hungry.

I enjoyed the salad, by the way.

I have typed this without editing as it’s been a long day, I’ve been pretty productive and busy, and it’s just a blog post…

I wonder what the coming week will be like. I am leaving out some other details just because I’m tired of typing and tired in general.

Signing off.

6 thoughts on “Quick update for anyone that cares (Bacon is mentioned)

  1. Glad to know that you’re not dead yet! Also, welcome to the decade that I’m about to leave in March…the 60’s are a great 10 years to be alive! Be well!

      1. Yes! This is the decade where you no longer care what other people think (as long as you’re not doing any harm to yourself or others). It’s also the decade where you start thinking of retirement, if you’re not already retired. And, this is the decade, to quote Hamlet, where you can finally say to yourself, “to thine own self be true”.

  2. Hi LCC! When I was very overweight, my liver enzymes were waaaay off – as soon as the pounds came off, they returned to normal. I recently made a dr’s appt after 2 and a half years – bloodwork was fine except for slightly elevated ldl – yet my triglycerides were only 118. Go figure. Anyway, I was all set to go and my appt was cancelled til Dec 29! I have a terrible phobia of having my blood pressure taken – just typing this is making me jumpy!😄 I am keeping my carbs 75ish and 1,000 cal. and have dropped 40 lbs during pandemic. Now at a standstill. Anyway, any suggestions on being calmer when I go would be appreciated! You seem to be doing well – 60’s are not too scary!! Did you reschedule your heart dr appt?!

    1. Hi ME! The ‘reschedule appts’ is on my to do list. A week this way ot that shouldn’t matter, but I’m doctored out at the moment and I have other stuff I need to do for work, holidays, other appointments, yada yada yada. I will do it.

      As to your BP. Let’s imagine the worst: you go and find it’s sky-high. Doc prescribes medications. It goes down. If you’ve had chronic high BP yu will feel like crap for a while but it’s a small price to pay. Surely the 40 lb. loss has had to help in that area. I’ve been on BP meds since my 20s. As to cost, there are plenty of generics so you shouldn’t have to pay too much, and there’s also GoodRX, which I’ve used and is not a scam. I paid something like $30 to get a $500 drug not covered on my plan for free. The pharmacist was amazed and even wrote down the name of the company for her son. They run commercials now but I did this when it first came out. There’s alternatives to GoodRx as well – YMMV.


      There’s also https://pharmacy.amazon.com/ I haven’t tried.

      That help at all?

  3. Oh thank you very much! My husband takes a bp drug and I will see how much he pays for that. I hit up everything at once ~ mammo, bloodwork, skin dr, etc. So when I got my office visit appt changed to 12/29, I was glad!! Yet I wanted to get it over with ~ I don’t know why I am so childish about this! I know how you feel about being doctored out! (and for once, I am not nervous about getting weighed ~ but I will still wear light clothing!) Thanks again for the info

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