This isn’t who I am anymore

I ‘ve been posting on this site for a decade and a half. I’m not this person anymore – and that’s not a bad thing. This site and my scribblings have been a way to get from one place to another place, but the path might look like scribbles if you tried to map it out because I’ve been all over the place. There was no plan – there never was a plan. There was this, there was that, there was the other thing, and it was grand fun but I’ve graduated. This person who I was is different than the person I am now, and I need to say goodbye.

I could delete the site and be done with it, but instead I am going to let it age ungracefully, and allow the internet electrons to preserve and maintain whatever the heck you want to call this while I take on another project.

I have big goals I would like to achieve this year and this is a distraction I can’t afford.

My new project is a book so different from what’s on this site that it makes no sense being here.

You can find more information at