The Food Monotony Project

Earlier in the year, I bemoaned my lack of weight loss and set a goal for the year of losing 40 lbs. – then did nothing to try to reach that goal. There’s been a number of life changes at work and at home that have put the pressure on and lately, I’ve felt that actually just getting through the day is achievement enough. This happens to all of us – it’s nothing to feel sorry for yourself about, or to dwell on unnecessarily, but instead you brace oneself for a bumpy ride, hold on to your seat, and wait till things smooth out, which they usually do eventually.

During this time, the thoughts about what to do different this time led me back to something I rejected long ago, as well as something I wrote on 2 years ago. The first thought was on a post about food monotony, that is, food as a utility. It’s a notion I had that part of the problem about dieting is that you replace one food obsession – eating too much – with another type – eating the correct types and quantities. I speculated that just thinking about food less might be many naturally thin people’s way of keeping slim. Continue reading “The Food Monotony Project”

8 Days in Ketosis and 10 Lbs. Down

I’ve been lax in journaling – I promised I would do so some time back.

Apparently I lied.

Anywho, I have been quite adherent to an Atkins induction-style diet, and have been in ketosis for about 8 days straight. When I started this, about 10 days ago, I had puffed up to 218.6 due to a ‘what-the-hell’ attitude, which I find I sometimes have to indulge to an extreme to exorcise it.

I believe: if you give in to ‘what-the-hell’, don’t do it half-hearted – go for it!

You will probably feel like crap the next day – a great way to steel one’s resolve and get back to your diet.

Last night I got on the scale and was 207.8 – nearly 11 lbs. down. Yesterday I was able to actually fit into a pair of pants that 2 weeks ago were cutting off circulation to my lower extremities – a nice indicator of progress.

So what have I been doing? Continue reading “8 Days in Ketosis and 10 Lbs. Down”

Update On Nicotine as a Weight Loss Device

01/25/12 UPDATE: Nearly 3 years of experimentation and

here’s my summary: My Last Post on Nicotine.

On April 13th of this year I started experimenting with nicotine, in the form of Commit lozenges, as a means to help stave off food cravings. As of today, 6 months later, I would say this:

  • The 4mg lozenges, taken on average 4 times per day, do reduce food cravings
  • I have lost no weight since starting this

The conclusions drawn from this can be many – especially because nicotine has moral implications. Continue reading “Update On Nicotine as a Weight Loss Device”

Starting Again-Again: Journal Entry 1

I thought that journaling this particular attempt at low carb weight loss  might help the process.

Heck, it didn’t work the last time – so it makes sense to try it again, doesn’t it?

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Response To an Email on Commit Lozenges

01/25/12 UPDATE: Nearly 3 years of experimentation and

here’s my summary: My Last Post on Nicotine.

This is merely to prove I am not dead. I’ve been busy, OK?

Someone wrote me asking about the carbs in commit lozenges – here’s what I wote back:

First, if you are taking these lozenges because of my posts, you deserve a scolding. I repeatedly said ‘don’t try this at home’. My doctor was none too pleased when I told him what I was doing, and ran out of the office and quickly got a printout from the internet regarding a study where nicotine increased insulin resistance in mice.

We came to an agreement that I wouldn’t use this stuff long-term, but he was still dubious about the whole thing, as it IS addictive and it DOES increase blood pressure and heart rate.

You should have the same conversation with your doctor right away. You certainly shouldn’t be taking any sort of weight loss advice from me – I’m just reporting what I do more for my own entertainment than anything else.

Now – regarding the carbs in these things. I know that this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but: since you should be only taking maybe 4 a day or less, and each one should last you over an hour – it doesn’t matter. The number of carbs and the very slow absorption rate should not matter.

I say this because I have very easily gone into ketosis while using the lozenges – and if you’re in ketosis, then your carbs are low enough.

Good luck on the diet – and if you are using the commit lozenges as an appetite suppressant – does it work for you?



What Weight Loss Looks Like

Please forgive a post perhaps more rambling than most – I just noticed I haven’t written in a while and thought it unseemly to make the site appear abandoned.

You might think that I was abducted – or gave up on low carb and went on Jenny Craig.

Or said ‘to hell with this’, bought the Ho-Hos, the Scooter Pies, and the Frozen White Castle hamburgers and was hard at work packing on the pounds.

None of the above.

I see a lot of good low carb blogs that have ‘gone dark’ – no more updates. I always wonder if it’s because they fell off the wagon and are ashamed to post this fact.

Shameless as I am, I’ve kept blogging as I gained maybe 40 lbs back out of my 80 lb. loss – and now I’m blogging as I work to make the weight creep down again.

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The Nicotine Experiment: Can it Help You Lose Weight?

06/18/19 UPDATE

Dear Wandering Web Denizen,

I am *so* sorry you’ve found this. While this page is harmless to your computer it might be bad for your mind. You see, on this creaky old blog I’ve left behind many bad ideas I’ve had. This is perhaps the worst. Like you, I wanted to lose weight and I thought taking nicotine might work. It didn’t. It was stupid and expensive.

If you’d like to read what follows, go ahead, but please be sure to read how much this idea suckedMy Last Post on Nicotine.



It’s been about 13 days since I started the nicotine experiment, using Commit lozenges in an attempt to help me lose weight.

There is nothing on the Internet I could find that talked about this – except to say: ‘don’t do it.’ Now, I try not to be a dope about things, but this ‘don’t do it’ message didn’t seem to be evidence-based, but rather it came from a moral base: cigarettes are bad, so using nicotine lozenges to lose weight is bad, too.

The disconnect in logic here is: nicotine lozenges aren’t cigarettes.

Cigarettes are a delivery mechanism for nicotine, and there’s no doubt these suckers are bad for you. Jeez, we instinctively know not to inhale smoke, but smokers pull that smoke way down into their lungs for pleasure.

At all costs, the lungs should inhale only air. Dumb animals know this.

The guy who invented smoking had to be really, really bored. Imagine all the other stuff he tried smoking before he hit on this.

So nicotine is not tobacco – now that we’ve gotten around that mental block, we need to take a hard look at the nicotine compound myself.

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