Waiting for Oblivion

Who are these people?

I have no idea who these people are.

I found this picture in a box of old family photographs I came across as I attempted to put a dent in the mess that is my basement. A half-century of existence, a decade and a half of marriage and 13 years of offspring and the effluvia that is discarded as the children mature all leave copious amounts of crap to sort through when one gets up the courage to do so.

Looking at the picture I would date it from the 1920s. The only things I can tell you about this picture are: these are relatives of mine, and every single one of them is without a doubt dead.

I spend every December reviewing my life and my past, looking at what went well in the past year and what didn’t. I like to reinvent myself from time to time – to become a more perfect imperfect me. Sometimes I just do it to shake a rut, while other times my life has depended on it. Continue reading “Waiting for Oblivion”

Making the World a Better Place One Bite at a Time

Please forgive the off-topic post, but I can’t help myself.

This is a blog about weight loss, but it is also about the love of food, in all it’s good and bad shades, and about enough – the notion that there is an amount for all of us that is just right – not too much, not too little – a measure that fulfills and sustains, and allows us to find peace of mind and happiness in not only the act of eating, but life itself.

I often remind myself that I have an embarrassment of riches. I write this from the comfort of my home, a refrigerator stocked with food I’d rather not eat too much of nearby, and have written about this dilemma and the remedies to this for over 5 years.

Sadly, for many people in the US in this day and age, there are people for whom my problem of eating too much is a slap in the face: they go to bed hungry, not because they are on a diet by choice, but because their circumstances have left them without food. Continue reading “Making the World a Better Place One Bite at a Time”

My Ode to Joy

‘Ode to Joy’ is from the last movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony. I am not in particular a classical music fan, but a friend long ago sat me down and made me listen to this symphony carefully, and I am glad he did.

‘Ode to Joy’ starts out low and uncertain, almost fearful, but then resolves into something lighter, gentler, beautiful, something you want more of, something you don’t ever want to let go. But as the music continues, this theme that started the piece disappears, as other themes arise and replace the original theme. The themes that replace are in turn soft and harsh, light and heavy. They span a spectrum of moods and are beautiful in their variety, but regardless, they are different. They have arisen from the first theme, but aren’t part of it.

After a while you wonder if the theme is gone forever, that faint thread that arose at the beginning but was never fully expressed. Would the other themes that arose bury it forever?

But in the end, Beethoven’s 9th symphony returns, in full resplendent force, to ‘Ode to Joy’, perhaps the single most beautiful piece of music ever written. Ascendant and powerful, it is from where all the other previous themes sprang from. It was the beginning and the end, and there it was all the time in between, even when the other themes wove in and out, and performed the illusion of making it disappear, when in fact it was before us all the time, quiet and ever-present throughout.

On our Anniversary, my Love, my Wife of 16 years, you are my ‘Ode to Joy’.

At Trip to Mitsuwa – Japanese Food Store

Being Memorial Day weekend and nothing planned, my wife and I packed up the kids for a long car trip to Mitsuwa – a Japanese mall in Edgewater, on the Hudson river, in New Jersey. There’s an interesting grocery store there with all kinds of products you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere in the world outside of Japan. There’s also a food court of authentic Japanese food. This isn’t a tourist trap: this is where Japanese who live in the area shop. Continue reading “At Trip to Mitsuwa – Japanese Food Store”

My Article on Lifehack.org

As I am  a person with a restless mind, you might have noticed in my postings that my interests span a large number of topics.

If you have any interest in business and productivity, I’ve written an article for Lifehack.org titled ‘Business Lessons from an Unlikely Source: Children’s Books‘. Check it out if you’re interested in these sorts of things.