Back, But Not Quite…And Your Questions for an Irvingia Survey


I arrived home from my vacation around 9pm last night, and am still unpacking – physically and mentally. I’ve recently been  wondering if we sometimes disappear into our habits.

In other words: if we were to change our habits completely, would many of us just disappear?

Are we just the sum of out habits?

I say this because I am at this very moment living in this middle space between a world where all my habits changed, and the world of habits – the thousands of habits – that surround my ordinary life.

I haven’t let them all creep in just yet – I’m waiting for 9am, at my desk in work, before I let them hit with full force. This might be unwise – we’ll see.

My wife anxiously checked her work email last night from home to check for any ‘crisis’. I asked her if it made her feel any better.

She didn’t quite answer, but I think the non-answer was ‘no’.

Sorry to those of you who left comments that didn’t appear until now. They should be up there.


It appears that the Irvingia posts have become an absolute mess. Anyone trying to glean some simple facts from this will get lost in at least 50 highly interesting digressions and probably come away more confused than anything else.

To this end, I think a survey is in order.

Your task, those of you interested in the Irvingia supplement, is to suggest 10 questions that I can put to the the people taking the stuff.

Please leave comments on this post as to what those questions should be.

I’ll try to select the best 10 and survey the group – maybe it will help us all make some sense of it all.

Exercise, Eats, Christmas, and a Break – December 23


Got up at 5am and dragged myself to the gym. My mind bitched and moaned the entire way there, but as I said, I’m absolutely sick of the crap attitude that some part of my mind always has – and I ignored it.

Got to the gym and decided it was time to kick it up a notch. As time for me is most valuable, I put more into my 20 minutes by setting the speed up to 3.4 mph – up from 3.0. This got me 1.12 miles in the 20 minutes. 

And my heart rate stayed more or less the same as it was when I started at 2.0 – 115 bpm. 

So it does appear that some conditioning had already occurred – whoda thunk?


I wasn’t really hungry until maybe 3pm – way too long not to eat, but as I had to dash out and do some errands, I just had some mineral water and figured I’d eat when I got home. When I finally did get home I had some of the leftover thanksgiving Turkey I had frozen way back in November. It still tasted pretty good – I was sort of surprised. I also had 1/2 of a very large pickle with 2 slices of American cheese.

Later in the evening, I started my major grazing period of the day. 

It started with two bowls of stir-fried celery with egg, a big favorite of mine. I also had some toast drenched in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and oregano.

A little later I had some almond butter with a little zero carb jelly in a small bowl.

There was an Italian baguette in the kitchen, and I was feeding my daughter couscous – both of these seemed like they’d be worthy of digging in to, but I resisted. Just barely.

Scale went up to 211.2. Ugh.


For those of you who celebrate the holiday, here’s a Xmas greeting for you. Have a great holiday.

A Break

This posting of my eating has been an experiment of sorts for the past few months. I committed to myself that I would do this at least to the end of the year and see what it does for me. 

It’s the end of the year.

I am going to take a break for the holidays and enjoy my family and my kids. Then I want to spend some time reflecting on the past year, and where I want to be at the end of the next.

See you on the other side.

What Type of Diet Do You Follow?

If I would hazard a guess, most folks who come here are somehow trying to modify their body – most often through weight loss. While I don’t particularly like the word diet, as diets don’t work, but lifestyle changes do, I’m going to use the word here.

So – as of late I come here and spill my guts to you – reciprocate by answering a simple question: what ‘diet’ are you on?

There are an almost countless set of variants, so my little poll below could never list them all.

In the survey below, choose the answer that comes as closest as possible to what you’re doing. For example, I would say I’m on Atkins, but I’ve modified it considerably.

But – when I need to go back to my ‘roots’ and get some info, I’d always go back to my shelf of Atkins books.

So please, tell me what you’re doing – you can see the results yourself – at the bottom of the poll is a ‘view results’ button.

If, in your estimation, I have left off a particular diet that you believe to be a huge omission, please leave a comment and let me know.

Day 22: Crock Pot London Broil

I mentioned food boredom in yesterday’s posting, but what I didn’t mention – and haven’t talked about as of yet – was how I spent my summer and fall regarding diet. I didn’t post much, but I was busy experimenting with the notion of eating simpler, more raw foods – nothing wacky, like the raw liver recommended by the Weston Price Foundation, but more raw vegetables. It was about this time I wrote about food as a utility, and thought I might be able to change my relationship to food to a simpler one – healthier, closer to nature.

What I realized is that it’s too late for me – I am a product of a world that has fed me engineered food – engineered to be more enticing than mankind has ever known – and I am never going to be free of this.

I tried for a while, but there was always a backlash. I couldn’t do it for extended periods. It was a good experiment – I did learn that I can ‘go native’ if I have to without feeling deprived, but I also realized that Atkins, and their emphasis on both wholesome low carb meals – and their line of manufactured crap food like shakes and candy bars – actually got it right. 

When you gotta have some crap food – make it Atkins crap food. I doubt that you’ll ever see that tagline on one of their products, but it’s true, and actually complementary to their line of products – which I’ve concluded I need when I’m itching for junk.

I think I would not have binged on candy two nights in a row if I had some Atkins bars handy. Even if I had eaten more than one, I wouldn’t have put on the amount of weight I did.

Today, to fight the food boredom, I went out and bought london broil. I think the rest of the Italian stew will get tossed, and so too the salmon chowder. Both deserve another chance – with refinements to their recipes – but I needed something new. I think part of my problem is I cook on the weekends, usually, and try to eat the same thing for a few days. I’ve got to come up with a better system.

I decided to prepare the london broil in the crock pot. I never had one of these as a kid, and I’ve probably used the one I have maybe 20 times, so most things are still an experiment. I’ve created some things that were really bad – there’s some science, or at least craftsmanship to prepping something for an unattend cruise in a pot for 8 hours, and I an still getting the hang of it.

I chopped up peppers, 2 hot peppers, 2 stalks of celery, on small summer squash, fresh mushrooms, and onion, and 4 cloves of garlic. I mixed these up and put 1/2 on the bottom of the pot. 

I browned both london broils, and placed the fist one on my layer of veggies, then put a second layer of veggies, and put the second london broil in. It just fit in my large oval pot. I then added a cup of water with a tablespoon of ‘Better than Bullion’ – a black tar that reconstitutes in boiling water to beef broth.

I set the pot for about 6 hours on high.

When done, the meat was very tender – it fell apart much in the way my Mom’s beef stew came out. I put a little on some low carb bread with butter, and it was heaven.

The soup was also good – a cup was very filling.

I more or less picked on this – as meat on low carb bread with butter – and as a meat soup – for most of the day. The evening was a hot dog on half a slice of bread with cheese.

Then, to ruin the day, I had some of the nice italian bread, and a few cookies leftover from Halloween.

Weight? 208.8 – up 0.8 for the day. Not much, but then again, just how rapidly can a human body accumulate weight?

Down 5.2 lbs. from the beginning. I can take some solace in that, but not much.

In the survey from the other day, I asked the question: What single one personality trait do you think has helped you maintain your weight loss?

The answers:

  • perseverence
  • OCD tendencies
  • obsession
  • conscientious… trying to stay healthy for my family
  • bah… not having time to eat?
  • Obstinate
  • determed
  • the fear of dying of complications of diabeties as some family members have
  • Intelligence
  • determination
  • Perfectionism
  • Determination, keep on keep’n on
  • can’t stand sugar
  • Fear. Deathly afraid of getting diabetes
  • The fact that my favorite foods are meats, poultry, fish, salads and green veggies. I’ve never been too excited about sweets and breads
  • persistency
  • The need that my husband and I have to track things. Accountability is probably key for us
  • pride
  • Fear of dying early

Do you see a pattern here?

Day 21: Another Witching Hour

Breakfast was the rest of the bologna and some low carb bread

That held me over until mid-afternoon, where I made Brussels sprouts and bacon. I had a bit of that, then had a small bowl of my Italian stew. It was not a culinary delight – the bones and grizzle are grossing me out a bit – next time, I’ll use meat without bones and gristle, maybe breasts. The combo is sound, it’s just the chicken quarters just didn’t cut it this time.

I battled computer problems, and picked up nearly a 10-gallon bucketful of candy. The kids spent the day in a sugar daze – I’m not too thrilled about this, and later tonight I’ll hide a good portion of the sugared loot somewhere.

I hope it isn’t my stomach.

After the carb-out yesterday, I was sickened by sweets – I drank my coffee and cream this morning without Splenda. I’ve noticed that after such a performance, I’m a sponge for weight gain – it will be very easy to put on additional weight even if I eat very low carb. 

I also came up with the survey I posted – there have been 20 responses so far. To everyone who’s responded so far – Thank you.

I had the same kind of evening as last – in a single hour, I tear in to junk, and bollix up the whole day.

I think it’s really coming down to food boredom. And that can be handled by having more low carb stuff about.

Weight is 208 – up 2 lbs. from yesterday and 6 lbs. down from the start.

Did I say ‘tomorrow is another day’ yesterday?

I meant ‘the day after tomorrow.’

Survey: What Kind of People Succeed at Low Carb?

I wonder about you people sometimes. 

You probably wonder about each other – and probably me as well.

So what kind of person loses weight and keeps it off doing low carb?

Let’s find out. 

Here is a 10 question survey for people who have been successful losing weight on a low carb diet, and have kept it off for at least a year. 

Don’t take the survey if you don’t meet this criteria. God knows this isn’t scientific (to put it mildly), but it would still be fun to see the results – and I will share the results on the blog when I get enough responses.

This is anonymous, so you can answer honestly.

Here’s the link.

Indulge Me in a Thought Experiment

If you don’t mind, I’d like to try a little thought experiment – a visualization exercise. I need your help on this, and hope you’re game. It might be fun – it might be dumb, but if you know the outcome, it isn’t an experiment, right?

OK – make sure you are not hungry when you do this. You want to be comfortably full.

Here’s the setup:

In the not too distant future, the world has been taken over by thin people, call them the ‘Thinsters’, who have decided to perform fat genocide. Anyone who is fat will be put to death – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve lost the weight – even if you’ve ever been fat, they’re going to snuff you.

So, you’re sitting in a cell, and a rail-thin guard asks you what you’re last meal is going to be. He reminds you that this is a prison, and they can’t get you every last thing you’d like, but they can probably accommodate most foods and drinks that you’d eat or drink every day.

You can eat as much as you like, the guard says – it doesn’t matter now. He pulls out a pad and pencil to take your order…

What would you ask for?

Please post your responses as comments – or email me at if you’re shy and rather not post – I’ll keep it, well, confidential.

I’ll post the second half of this experiment some time in the near future.

Stay tuned.