I Don’t Want Any, Sweetheart – I Want it ALL! – Scenes from a Low Carb Life #1

[Note: as I revise and edit my book, there are portions that don’t quite fit anywhere. Here you go.] 

It was a beautiful fall day and the wife wanted to take the family to the park. We also had to take a ride afterward so I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from – literally. I’m doing this Induction without the benefit of a lot of portable foods like Atkins shakes and nuts so I needed to eat an ample amount of calories before I left. I grabbed some roast beef and Belgian butter and made 4 roll-ups and had those while everyone got ready. I also downed a Greek yogurt as well. This gave me a total of 770 calories as well as ample protein and plenty of fat to run on. No matter what happens, I should be fine. Continue reading “I Don’t Want Any, Sweetheart – I Want it ALL! – Scenes from a Low Carb Life #1”

Can You Make Ice Cream With Atkins Shakes?

My wife had bought an ice cream maker – just what a low carb guy wants in the house – right? Anyway, I got to wondering if I couldn’t make some use of it. Perhaps bored the other night, I said to myself: I wonder if that ice cream maker can turn those Atkins shakes into some sort of frozen treat?

All ready for the experiment…

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