Simple Cooking: Quick and Easy Baked Cod Recipe

I think cooking, above much else, is a must for any dieter. The problem lies in that many of us don’t know how to cook. It is becoming a lost art, something for hobbyists, enthusiasts, manufacturers, and professionals.

Knowing nothing about cooking does not mean you can’t cook quick, simple items on the go – and not leave the kitchen looking like the aftermath of a ‘sloppy chef cook-off’.

This isn’t about the recipe as much as the technique. I work long hours. Am rushed by commitments, and am tired when I get home. So here’s how I tackled this one particular dish.

Over the weekend I went to Trader Joe’s and bought a package of frozen cod pieces – an unfortunate name if you are familiar with the history of men’s clothing styles. What you get is the trimmings of cod for a whole lot less than you would pay for a full fillet. They taste perfectly fine – they just come bite-sized.

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