Simple Cooking: Quick and Easy Baked Cod Recipe

I think cooking, above much else, is a must for any dieter. The problem lies in that many of us don’t know how to cook. It is becoming a lost art, something for hobbyists, enthusiasts, manufacturers, and professionals.

Knowing nothing about cooking does not mean you can’t cook quick, simple items on the go – and not leave the kitchen looking like the aftermath of a ‘sloppy chef cook-off’.

This isn’t about the recipe as much as the technique. I work long hours. Am rushed by commitments, and am tired when I get home. So here’s how I tackled this one particular dish.

Over the weekend I went to Trader Joe’s and bought a package of frozen cod pieces – an unfortunate name if you are familiar with the history of men’s clothing styles. What you get is the trimmings of cod for a whole lot less than you would pay for a full fillet. They taste perfectly fine – they just come bite-sized.

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Italian Chili – My Recipe for Beating the Cravings of Pasta and Pizza

Last night I made this, it came out quite good, and I thought I would share.

This is yet another variation on what I’ve done before. It provides a meat and vegetable-filled dish similar to a chili or stew in consistency, and, covered in grated parmesan cheese, it not only awesome, but fills that hole left by foregoing both pasta and traditional pizza on a low carb diet.

This is more a technique than a hard and fast recipe. The basis of this for me is usually grass-fed ground beef. A pound of this, bought directly from the farmer, is expensive – $8.00/lb., but I also comes with a high degree of probability that the stuff is the real deal. The problem with food in general is that if you want ‘organic’, the good stuff looks pretty much like the cheap stuff, and fraud is an issue. Less so if you know the farmer himself – and see his kids at the market. Continue reading “Italian Chili – My Recipe for Beating the Cravings of Pasta and Pizza”