All Weight Loss Makes You Artificially Thin

A Indian sweet called rasgulla, for those of you unfamiliar with the treat

The past week – one that included a birthday celebration and Thanksgiving – and included what would pass as ‘normal’ eating for the average person – proves the assertion that I am kept artificially thin against my body’s will through a low carb diet.

On Thursday I was 197. Today, just 2 days later, I am 205. The ability to gain 8 pounds in 2 days is a remarkable feat, and has to do with my body thinking that my weight is far to low for its comfort. In reality, my body decided long ago that I should be at least 250 pounds and while I have kept it from that number for many years now, my body has never been in agreement with me on this, and the past two days – when I have given it the opportunity through providing it what would be considered a ‘normal’ amount of daily carbohydrates (300 grams per day), it has taken the opportunity to go for the gusto and start to rebuild my fat stores back to what it deems appropriate. Continue reading “All Weight Loss Makes You Artificially Thin”