Blueberry Donut – A Poem on the Temptations of Empty Carbs

blueberry donut whole 1
I don’t write poetry – as the following will clearly show.

Me and the donut
(or the donut and I)
I caught it out of the corner of my eye
it was by the coffee pot
in the ‘free goodies’ spot
I coveted it – I cannot lie

I got my coffee
and went back to my work
But the donut kept calling
I felt like a jerk
It was blueberry
and glazed
I was really half crazed
as I noshed a zucchini instead

Late afternoon
I went for more joe
the donut still there
it called soft and low
I went back to my office
had yogurt although
My alimentary orifice
wanted to ‘know’
that blueberry donut
in an intimate way
though now stale, its appeal
still held much sway

I checked on it again
in late afternoon
still untouched, still virgin
I imagined a balloon
where my stomach now is
He is now mine; I am now his