MiO Drink Mix (sorry -‘Water Enhancer’) – A Replacement for the Sodastream Soda Mixes?


I have already stated – somewhere – that as part of my 2012 resolutions I was going to try to ditch the drink mixes.

the reason I’m writing about MiO, however, is because my resolutions are not necessarily your resolutions, and I thought you’d appreciate an honest review.

Prior to going on vacation, I wanted to bring some drink mix and stopped in the local grocery store – and this stuff was all that I could find that didn’t come in huge tubs or contain Nutrasweet.

I grabbed 2 – Berry Pomegranate and Strawberry Watermelon. They are little squirt bottles, and as long as I packed them in my luggage and not my carry-on, they probably wouldn’t be considered potential explosive devices by the TSA.

When in the Caribbean, we’re big fans of Badoit sparkling water – a brand I never saw in the US. Here’s a pic for the hell of it:

I drank a lot of the Badoit with these 2 mixes. I found 2 squirts were about right on the rocks. The 2 containers lasted me the entire 10-day trip, with only a little left over.

These containers are certainly more portable than the SodaStream soda mixes, that’s for sure, and as I’ve NEVER used the Sodamix the way SodaStream expects me to (pouring a cup full of flavoring into the liter bottle), this packaging concept works quite well for me. In fact, the MiO bottles are refillable (I’m sure they don’t want you to know that!) and I could see myself – if I were to continue to use the Sodastream soda mix, to actually pour the stuff into these little squeeze bottles and use it that way.

As to the flavors I got – I enjoyed them both. Maybe I liked the pomegranateĀ a tad bit better.

I didn’t do a direct cost comparison. These were a bit pricy, but I don’t know if the stuff inside is more concentrated than the Sodastream stuff.

As to the ingredients – same artificial crap, more or less. I’m not faulting them there – it’s a drink mix – what do you expect?

You can check out their website, and their awesome, over-the-top advertising copy that seems like they cured cancer AND found a way to convert the simple intake of fluids into a religious experience.



4 thoughts on “MiO Drink Mix (sorry -‘Water Enhancer’) – A Replacement for the Sodastream Soda Mixes?

  1. Mio helped me kick my Diet Coke habit, and got me drinking water consistently. I should say Mio with the Sodastream help me kick the habit. Mio is better than any of the Sodastream flavorings I’ve tried and the only mix I use with it. I always carry one in my purse and one in the car. I don’t like super sweet fruity drinks, so I don’t use an entire squirt for one drink. In fact, I use one whole squirt for an entire SS carafe. I am also one of those people who hates water. Never drank enough. But, now, even if it does contain the crap you mentned, at least I’m drinking tons of water over soda now! I’ve been buying it for all my friends too. Lol. I love this stuff!

  2. I am one of those people who can barely tolerate artificial sweeteners – splenda gives me migraines and I had say goodbye to diet coke forever a few years ago.

    One low carb option I have found that I really love is True Lemon (also comes in lime, orange and grapefruit).

    It’s basically crystallized lemon that you add to your water (plain or sparkling) and it’s sooooo good. Not to mention no calories, no carbs and no sweeteners.

    I buy mine at a health food store, as I live in Canada, but I have seen it in US Wal-Marts.


    P.s. I realize I sound like I work for this company but honestly it is a great product, especially since it has no pesky carbs!

  3. I haven’t tried the SodaStream so I can’t comment on it – but we carry completely organic flavouring syrups from Monin that are quite strong. An ounce will usually do a trick per 8oz cup.

    We also carry the TrueLemon packets – though they’re not up in our store.

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